Basic InfomationEdit

  • Name: Kyros Windhammer
  • Race: Dwarf
  • Magical powers: Power over wind, frost, sound,
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Profession: Elemental expert, Relic Hunter
  • Guild: Draek dra Akir 
Standing just over 4-feet-high. He's quite muscular, he also has grey-black skin. Two shiny blue eyes are above his black beard, usually hidden by a hat.

Socks...check. Shoes...check. Hat? Wheres ma-It's on ma head, nevermind.

Powers Edit

Gust/Blast of wind- A sudden blast or gust of wind springs from their fingertips, lifting the enemy off their feet and sending them flying.

Cyclone- Wind picks up around the foe, soon they are lifted in the air by a mini-tornado.

Hurricane- The elements are brought down around the foe, wind and snow flying at them from the caster's fingertips.

Howling blast- The freezing cold winds of the north are summoned and directed at the death knight's enemies.

Shockwave- A high frequency sound wave flies at the enemy, denting armour and rupturing organs.

Sonic wail- The caster tilts back their head, letting out a scream loud enough to shatter eardrums and leave people bleeding, or at worst, deaf.


He won't reveal what happened when he died or his life before, but what is known is the Kul Tiras had some part in his life. Nowadays he's seen recruiting for some private group. He is known to have a facination with elementals, particually the Wind variety. This group searches for relics from the elemental wars, helping the places the alliance can't and such. He also has some sort of wind power from somewhere that he keeps hidden.

Religious worshipEdit

  • Does he serve any deities? Yes
  • If so, who? Al'akir the windlord and Murmur
  • Is this publicly known? No

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