Lady Evayna

General InformationEdit

Full Name: Evayna Iliara D'Voreyn

Given Name: Evayna

Age: ??

Gender: Female

Species: Draenei

Bloodline: House D'Voreyn

Birthdate: Unknown

Birthplace: Shattrath

Current Residence: The Violet Citadel, Dalaran

Guild/Order: Lost Legacy, with close ties to KenyrTlithar

Occupations: Archaeologist, Mage of the Kirin Tor

Hobbies/Pastimes: Exploring, Digging, Discovering

Magic: Frost, with an above average knowledge of other schools of magic

Family: None

Physical DescriptionEdit

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 130lbs.

Build: Slender

Complexion: Light blue

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Bright blue

Tattoos/Runes: None

Jewelry: A Kirin Tor ring

Other accessories: None

Mannerisms: Kind

Speech patterns: Shattrath

Voice: Calm, smooth

Style: Soft, yet stern

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and AttitudesEdit

Intelligence: Above Average

Known languages: Common, Draconic, Thallassian, Draenei

How does she see herself? As a discoverer

How does she express herself? Through magic and conversation

Dominant or submissive?: Dominant

Patience level: High

Logic or emotion?: Both. Though emotion tends to rule

How does she view life?: Fascinating

How does she view death?: Uninteresting

Most at ease when: Around friends

Ill at ease when: Threatened

Sense of humor: Average

Strengths: Instinct, Quick-thinking, Intelligence, Affinity for Magic

Flaws: Sometimes irrational

Vulnerabilities: Very trusting

Optimist or Pessimist: Optimist

Introvert/Extrovert: Has features of both

Biggest fear: Losing her Magic

Biggest regret: Not obtaining the rank of Archmage

Biggest accomplishment: Rising very quickly through the ranks of the Kirin Tor


Loves: Nobody

Best friends: Brunnis

Friends: Destiany, Sunstarr

Hates: Malygos, Neltharion


Likes: Magic, Dalaran, Wine, Archaeology

Dislikes: Malygos, Mage-Hunters, Ale, Destruction


Color: Purple

Clothing: Dresses

Place: Dalaran

Food: Wine

Music: Quiet

Book: Schools of Arcane Magic - Mastery

Historical Figure: Antonidas

Animal: Fox


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