Fun FactsEdit

Name: LeVeau Mea Va'a (pronounced le-VO May-ah Vah-ah)

Race: Troll (Darkspear Tribe)

Clan: Tidestalker

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Occupation: Apothecary and Physician of Neurology; Acting Elder of the Tidestalker clan (Mama Pualani has dementia)

Birthplace: On a boat in the South Seas

Family members: Parents Papa 'Olelo (deceased), Mama Pualani; Sisters Thaag, Blivi, Kehau-Lani; Brother Kalei; Uncle Glacizin; clanmate Calyptra

Other associates: Jean-François de Morangias, Mari e'le Veau (no relation); Jenoir Spiritwind

Organizations: Caffeine, her guild; Formerly a member of the Royal Apothecary Society (see below in Obligatory History); currently petitioning to begin a Cenarion-sponsored apothecary circle.

What You Will SeeEdit

LeVeau is rather short for a troll, standing only a hand taller than the average human male. She, being a troll, is covered in curves and she knows it. Therefore, she will wear as little as possible without being obscene.

Like all Tidestalkers, she wears her vivid red hair in braids.

At her heels one will find scampering a stunted little Durotar tiger not much larger than a tiger cub of about three months of age. Occasionally she has to wrestle the little thing down to administer some sort of medicine, but otherwise it seems tame enough.

Now For the Obligatory History LessonEdit

LeVeau's family, although mistrustful of Forsaken like all trolls, knew that they had the best apothecary training bar none. They paid the Royal Apothecaries well to train their daughter. LeVeau was a good student, having a bit of herbal knowledge passed to her from Mama Pualani. She also rid herself of her trollish accent so as not to prejudice her instructors. In time she was accepted as a member--for field work only. She was never given pass to the central laboratories, even though apothecaries junior to her were given the privilege. Then again, those apothecaries were Forsaken.

At some point in time, she became rather disillusioned with the Royal Apothecaries. This came to a head when she received some mysterious seeds and dutifully passed them to the Apothecaries for identification--but only part of the amount of seeds she received in the first place. When the Apothecaries refused to share their findings with her, she resigned. She did not find out that the seeds were being used to develop an early version of the Blight until much later.

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