Name: Liniline Dawnwhisper
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Paladin
Size: 5'8", 135 lbs. Toned.
Age: Average.
Guild: Eraburis Ashura
Occupation: Blacksmith and miner.
Personality: A strong sense of justice, she is rather focused and can sometimes come across as unyielding in regard to what she considers an injustice or breaking the law. However, she is also rather girly and can act childish and silly.
Birthplace: Born in Silvermoon City in Quel'Thalas.
Home: Currently in Silvermoon City most times, but travels between there, Orgrimmar and Undercity frequently
Family: Daughter of Ardaion (father)and Avallea (mother) Dawnwhisper. A sister; Tanithia and a brother; Nalarion.


Her frame is well toned and her arms are strong due to her mining and blacksmithing. Her eyes are bright and clear and seem to always carry a sign of amusement within them. Her hair is her most cherished asset and she takes utmost care of it. It is brushed, washed and smells of her vanilla and almond bath oils the scent of which seems to follow her. Her skin is a soft, healthy pink color and her armor, although not as expensive as most other paladins in her order is meticulously well cared for.

Work in progress.

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