Livia Bloodseeker Edit

Biography Edit

  • Name: Livia Bloodseeker (formerly Livia Brightsun)
  • Race: Blood Elf
  • Size: Medium height, thin
  • Age: 80
  • Guild: Ani Ayastigi
  • Occupation: Painful deaths a specialty
  • Personality Sketch: Cold, emotionless, merciless.
  • Weaknesses: She used to have a magical addiction to blood and bloodletting, but since her death and rebirth into the Scourge, it no longer affects her.
  • Birthplace: Her first birthplace was Silvermoon City, her second was the Necropolis, Acherus.
  • Home: None
  • Family: Deceased
  • Description: Long, white hair, pale skin and glowing icy blue eyes. She appears extremely, almost painfully, thin, but displays incredible strength. She almost never appears in public without a helm or mask of some sort.
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Livia Brightsun was a talented and eager Priestess of the Light among the Quel'dorei, but she harbored a terrible secret. She was born with a hunger for blood, and although it could be sated when she was younger with the deaths of small animals and the homeless cats that wandered Silvermoon City, when she grew older she began looking for larger victims. After the destruction of the Sunwell and the Scourge invasion of Silvermoon, Livia ministered to the Sin'dorei refugees (killing as many as she needed to sate her bloodthirst). She gradually grew in power, becoming a passable Priest -- until one of her victims was discovered, and the local Horde raiders began hunting her down. During this time, the Lich King reached out to her, realizing her potential. With no other choice, Livia accepted his offer and was stripped of her connection to the Light, becoming one of Arthas's elite Death Knights. During the Mograine rebellion, Livia (now calling herself Livia Bloodseeker) renounced her loyalty to Arthas and rejoined the Horde. It appears that no one has yet recognized her as the wanted Sin'dorei Priest from long ago, and Livia goes out of her way to make sure that doesn't happen.