Lillian by CrewOfTheBloodyDawn

Full Name: Lillian Yvette Warren

Given Name: Ezra Leclaire

Nickname: Liywar, Lilly, Lil

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Blood Line: Kirin Tor

Birth Date: Unknown

Birth Place: Unknown, possibly Dalaran City

Current Residence: Stormwind City

Guild/Order: KenyrTlithar, The Reapers

Occupations: Engineer, Bartender

Hobbies/Pastimes: Drinking, Designing new machines, Causing trouble

Magic: Arcanist, Illusionist

Family: Birth Mother: Lillian Leclaire (deceased). Birth Father: Unknown. Adoptive Parents: Charles and Felicia Warren (deceased). Legal Guardian: Magister Thaddius Monteagle (deceased). Daughter: Tala'ana Kamaris Leclaire(half-demon, deceased). Maternal Sister: Vellejette Amanante.

A Mage ApartEdit


Lillian is emotionally fragile. She is upset quickly and is likely to react in one of two ways - break down, or break out. One the one hand, the offender will have a blubbering mess to contend with. And on the other hand, said offender would be running for cover from a violent mage. Only on these stolen occasions would she flex her true power in public.


Lillian is small and slender, with long curled locks of platinum hair and soft skin of a mildly tanned appearance. She has no set dress code, and wears whatever feels comfortable at the time.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit


Lillian is capable of wielding arcane pulses, which are visually disturbances of the air and not physically distinguishable, due to the nature of the Arcane not having a natural substance.

She is mildly able with fire spells, generally small bursts of fire - nothing powerful. Her ability with ice magic is undeveloped and she generally does not use it.

Arcane Blast: A compression blast that is capable of knocking a foe down or damaging armour.
Portal: A rift in space-time that offers transit from one distant location to another.
Teleport: A phase-shift in space-time that moves Lillian quickly a short distance, or with some time to concentrate, a more distant location.
Fire Blast: A quick burst of fire, best used to disorient a foe or burn mildly.


Lillian is competent with a whip, but her weapons of choice lie in firearms.
Right Hip: MeleeEdit
Wrench Worn on her toolbelt. Not normally used in a fight unless necessary.
Bullwhip A simple leather corded bullwhip.
Left Hip: Small ArmsEdit
Revolver Eight chamber long-barrel single-action steel revolver. Well-kept.
Modified Pistol Revolver Mechanically altered double-action revolver, designed to hold ten rounds instead of eight.
FASER Focused Arcanic Semi-Energetic Rectifier. Fires short pulses of energy that can briefly stun a target.
Back Sling: RifleEdit
Shotgun Twelve-gauge, smooth-bore pump-action fowling piece, loaded with either double-aught buckshot or rifled slugs.
Hunting Rifle .22 bore, lever-action rifle.
Lillian always has her wrench, often has a shotgun, and sometimes keeps a small firearm on her person. Never more than one kind of weapon (such as two revolvers, or a shotgun and a rifle).


Lillian relies on her guile and ability to move to prevent harm. As such, she does not have the raw power to her body to support heavy armour, and sticks to wearing lightweight cloth fabric.


Lillian is an Engineer! She has the ability to construct small explosives, tools, machines, trinkets and devices, as well as modifying existing machines. She excels at microengineering (fine electrics and electronics), and engine driven machines (anything motorized or powered).

Technical Specs!Edit

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Height: 160 cm (5 foot, 3inches)
Weight: 53 kg (127 lb)
Build: Fit, Light
Complexion: Olive skin
Hair: Platinum/Silver
Eyes: Ice Blue (with a soft glow)
Tattoos: Four major control runes on her forearms, over her heart, and below her navel; one rune of protection scrawled across the back of her left shoulder. Minor glyphs connect them all. There is also a dragon tattoo somewhere where "it cannot be seen", and something of a property mark on her hip.
Jewelry: Crossed twin scythe amulet.
Other accessories: Wrench and screwdriver, bullwhip, and a projectile weapon (revolver, shotgun, rifle or some such)
Mannerisms: Demure manners, sloppy enunciation.
Speech Patterns: Westfallish.
Voice: Strong-sounding, without a trace of gravel to it.
Style (Elegant, shabby, etc): Depends on the circumstance.

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and AttitudesEdit

Intelligence: Apparently below average to average, though remarkable when it comes to her key interests.
Known Languages: Common, Dwarven, Ancient Language.
How does she see herself?: Lillian believes she is broken - has trouble finding the will to go on. She doesn't know if her broken heart will ever mend.
How does Character express themself?: Through emotional outbursts.
Is this character generally dominant or submissive?: Typically submissive, though violently rebellious when angered.
Patience level: Extremely low.
Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof?: She is prone to only the odd moment of clarity. Emotions control her virtually the entirety of the remainder of the time.
How does the character view life?: The last obstacle between her and peace.
How does the character view death?: Something that laughs at her and always stays just far enough away for her to suffer, and yet live.
Most at ease when: Drunk.
Ill at ease when: Not.
Describe their sense of humor: Cynical.
Character/Personality/Mental/Social Strengths: Her instincts are one of her only saving graces. It has kept her alive where others would have died. As well, her wit has talked her out of many a bad spots. But that which makes her strongest, is the support of her friends. D'awwww.
Character/Personality/Mental/Social Flaws: Highly emotional, potentially violent, a short temper, and somewhat fragile physical state in comparison to very many other people (particularly the ones dumb enough to piss her off), tends to stack the odds against her.
Biggest Vulnerability (non physical): Being offensive in regards to her daughter.
Optimist or Pessimist: Pessimist.
Introvert or extrovert: Extrovert.
Greatest Fear: Arachno- and Claustrophobia
Other Fears/Insecurities/Phobias: Death of close friends.
Peculiarities: She tends to talk to herself.
Biggest regret: Having to lean on her friends as much as she has.
Biggest accomplishments: Unlocking her true power. Giving birth to her first child (First week of July 2009)
Minor accomplishments: Designing Truce, her first Artificial being.
Musical talents/instruments: Six-string.

Relationships with othersEdit

Relationship Skills:
Loves: Thanatosa Xintari
Crushes: Catiana Stahnhope.
Lover(s): Dorithur Scythekiss
Best Friends: Thanatosa Xintari
Friends: Treisa, Dake Pierce, Autumn, Marius De'fairwryn, Sarbarix
Hates: Ex-wife Lasaire de Lioncourt, Adrire Kunnas, Drakion Darksoul
Dislikes: Felwynn, Ascarios, Kinzor
Rivals: They come and go.
Sexuality: Indeterminate.
Is the character judgmental of others and how so?: Extremely.
How is s/he perceived by...
Strangers?: No specific general perception. Ya love her or ya hate her.
Friends?: "Lillian!" *runs and hugs*
Wife/Husband/Lover?: See Friends
What happens to change this perception if at all?: Nothing very specific.
What type of people does s/he like or associate with?: Whomever will accept her.
What type of people does s/he not like or associate with?: Paladins, Draenei.
What do family/friends like most about character?: They find her trustworthy, and appreciate her gift of working with machines.
What do family/friends like least about character?: Too hotheaded.


Likes: Fire, Strawberries, Machines, Guns.
Dislikes: Healing magic, darkness, bad table manners. Peanuts, to which she has an allergy.


WoWScrnShot 042909 084422
Color: Blue
Clothing: Her old fingerless working gloves.
Place: Nagrand.
Food: Strawberries and anything with strawberries on it.
Music: Anything calm, gentle and melodic.
Book: Her mother's illusion tome.
Historical figure: None. She's not very good at History.
Animal: Wolpertinger!

History Edit

A Mage is Born: Year 600-618 Edit

Lillian was born Ezra Leclaire, the daughter of a powerful Illusionist of the Kirin Tor. After her mother perished to the Scourge, it was determined they would come for the girl next. Her power was suppressed and she was sent to the Stormwind Orphanage, her papers identifying her only as "Lillian", without a last name.

She was arranged with the Warren family living in Westfall, and her full name was given as Lillian Yvette. They never told her about her heritage - they never had a chance. The Defias swept through Westfall when she was only 6, and Lillian was discovered by a militia group.

She was returned to the Orphanage - where her magic began to assert itself. She was in danger of self-destruction, as her tender years didn't afford her the will to control any of it.

A magister, Thaddius Monteagle, residing in Northshire took charge of her. He called her Liywar, a nickname that stood for her adoptive name - and it stuck. She spent her formative years in the Abbey, learning to harness her subdued magic.

She found herself having great difficulty fitting in with the other pupils. High class, noble blood and well-educated (as well as nearly all at least a decade older). They looked down on her, offended by what they saw as nothing but a commoner; a freak of nature farm girl who didn't deserve to weild the Arcane.

Shortly after her 18th birthday, Magister Monteagle was struck with a fatal illness. She sat at his bedside in his final hours. After his death, she had nowhere to go. She left the Abbey.

The Scarlet Order: Year 618-622 Edit

Her departure from the Abbey was bittersweet. It was best for her to see the open world, and be away from the place where her mentor had been laid to rest. She began to take on work in the surrounding cities and towns, serving tables or cleaning up the lodgings. She was guiding a horse-drawn cart of items from Stormwind to the neighbouring hamlet of Goldshire when she was accosted by thieves, demanding they turn over the items in exchange for her life.

Her reaction was what drew the attention. She pulled a shotgun out of the cart and fired it into the air, staring down the head honcho.
"Try it. Whoever lives gets to take the loot home with them."

They'd come looking for an easy swipe from a little girl such as she, and hadn't expected her to be toting a rifle. They left, resentfully. And from the shadows, stepped Rosemela. The encounter was enough for Rosemela to offer Lillian a place to hang her boots and relax among friends. And offer more than a simple job.

It was then that her entry to the Scarlet Order had begun. Some time she spent amongst them, led by Semperius and his nobles - but things were about to change.

Slavery, and Sargeras: Year 622 Edit

She was lulled into betraying Semperius and departing the Scarlet Order, drawn to the Eyes of Chaos. Though she would find herself as a pet of a lecherous man. Bound by a cult of Sargeras, SAEGOTHA, Lillian spent months in quiet service before interest in her was lost enough that she was able to slip away unnoticed. Her experience in slavery is best left undescribed.

For King and Country: Year 622 Edit

Rosemela discovered Lillian a few weeks after her escape. She'd inebriated herself and collapsed against a fence, sobbing. Rosemela took her to shelter and promised to care for her. Her promise faltered, as Rosemela disappeared one day, leaving a title deed to the Scarlet Raven Tavern in Darkshire in Lillian's name, and Lillian was again, on her own.

Finding no satisfaction on her own, and no excitement in day-to-day life to keep her from going insane, she joined the military and served in active combat roles in several engagements with Horde forces. She somehow managed to avoid ever going to Draenor during the campaign against the Burning Legion.

Lillian put two tours into the expedition into Northrend, earning a Medal of Valour and the Crusade's equivalent to the "Purple Heart", for being wounded in the siege of the Crusader's Pinnacle.

And then she met the love of her life; or so she believed.

Her name was Lasaire. She was beautiful and made her smile always. They even married - thought it didn't last. Lasaire left her; even going so far as to demand back her ring. On the offer to start a new life, with new friends, she resigned her commission with the Argent Crusade.

Love, Loss, and Languish: Year 624 Edit

She met a few friends. The young warlock Kamaris Vargo, and the elegant, pale "Kal'Dorei" known as Thanatosa (it is now known that the Kal'Dorei appearance is not authentic). She took under her banner; The Shadow Song. The Shadow Song was her port in the storm; so she thought. But with a new home came new challenges. She entered the sleepy town in a time of turbulence. Dangerous people sweeping down to knock the hamlet off the map.

She became the object of a vicious man's eye. Glenn Darksoul. It wouldn't be long before his smug superiority and his confidence overrode his better judgment; one encounter with Lillian resulted in her becoming pregnant.

The pregnancy was short; five months. Lillian refused to have the baby killed, despite the danger it represented; a spawn of Glenn Darksoul, whose son, Drakion, swore revenge against.

Lillian's tenure was pockmarked with hatred and pain. Villains, psychopaths, angry mobs, demons and killers. The only highlight was meeting a new woman. Dorithur Scythekiss, a brash Sin'Dorei wearing the arcanic disguise of a Night Elf. The two fell in love, and promised one day to marry.

And then the Ghola arrived. A race of engineered clones, from another world, descending to Azeroth to procure specimens, and lay waste to the rest. Among their targets, Lillian. She was approached in the fields one night by a man, claiming to be a friend of Thanatosa. Before she knew it, she was tagged by a teleportation. Where she went, she will never say.

A fascimile had taken her place, but was sniffed out, and executed. Lillian was eventually returned.

It was time to take action. With the help of her new friend, the portly, bearded Taal'ka Pythoon, sought out the vessel that brought the Ghola to Azeroth. Lillian was thought to have been killed when the vessel was destroyed, but she was discovered alive in an escape vehicle, in suspended animation, two months afterward.

She returned to a casualty list. Friends were dead. Kamaris was gone. Thanatosa had left the order she created. Even Dorithur had given her up for dead.

By the end of the year, the Shadow Song was declared defunct and was disassembled. But Lillian wouldn't see the people she'd fought side by side with separated and spread out to die. She would act. That act became... the Nightfall Coalition. Cannibalizing the dispersed Shadow Song members, the finest she knew of, she formed her union, to continue the legacy of Shadow Song in her own way.


"That guy is a Douche. With a capital -ouche."