Fleet Admiral Lok'gra
Faction Horde
Race Orc
Class Hunter
Gender Male
Guild Silver Sea Cartel
Level 11

Biography Edit

  • Name: Lok'gra
  • Race: Orc
  • Size: Short, stocky, and heavy with muscle
  • Age: Approaching his elder years
  • Guild: Silver Sea Cartel
  • Occupation: Fleet Admiral of the Silver Sea Cartel, Captain aboard K.M.S. Kraken
  • Personality Sketch: Duty bound, Career oriented
  • Weaknesses: Paralyzingly superstitious with maritime customs
  • Birthplace: Blade's Edge Mountains
  • Home: Fray Island
  • Description: He is as he appears.

History Edit


Lok'gra sits for dinner with Scampi.

Lok'gra has been serving in Goblin Trade ever since he traveled to Ratchet and was caught by a recruiter. He made a career of it and through hard work and a little luck he was made captain of his own ship, the Kalimdor Merchant Ship Neptulon. Some say that the years he's spent serving the goblins has left his mind more Goblin than Orc. He is much more interested in influence and wealth than honor, and is driven to act when it's practical and lucritive. Even his pet crab, Scampi, is less of a companion and more of an emergency food supply.  He went on to build a fleet which spanned Across the Silver Sea.  Unfortunate events occurred--which will remain untold until The Admiral and The Medic is written--and now he commands the lonely K.M.S. Kraken.

Pet peeves Edit

  • No bags aboard his ship are black or they will be thrown overboard.
  • He personally watches everyone board. If they step on with their left foot first they are to step off and do it again.
  • No redheads are to speak to him without being first addressed.
  • The word "Drown" is never to be spoken.
  • Whistling onboard is forbidden.
  • He will not transport flowers or bananas.