Fun FactsEdit


Full Name: Lorinni Longstep-Velenoak

Other names: Lor, Kaldoreinni (an epithet aimed at his height)

Age: 57 (as of WotLK launch)

Birthplace: out in the countryside of Quel'Thalas

Relatives: Ranger-Captain Cerval Longstep (father, deceased), an as-yet unnamed mother (deceased).

Occupation: Ranger-Lieutenant of the Slashing Claw of the Cub Scouts (Ranger training unit to the Company of Wolves, a field mission unit).

Brand Name: Range-R-Reddy®

Physical DescriptionEdit

Lorinni is a growing boy, and even at 57 he's gained an inch or so since he joined the Rangers at a height of 6'2". He's lanky and gangly and looks awful in trendy Silvermoon fashion items, which tend to be flowing robes. He looks much more at ease in his field armor of mail and dragonscale. He has an olive complexion, darkened from all the time he spends outside. His auburn brown hair is kept out of the way in a reckless ponytail. He always wears his goggles.

At his heels nearly constantly trots his armored battle sow and registered Companion, Truffles. Unlike her master's disheveled appearance, Truffles is always clean and brushed.