• Name: Maeyla Shatterspear
    Maeyla Moonlight Shy WikiaMain

    Maeyla Shatterspear

  • Race: Tauren
  • Height: 7’1’’
  • Weight: 287lbs
  • Age: 25
  • Occupation: Druid in training

A young and gentle Tauren, Maeyla is shy and quiet at first glance. Even as she comes to know someone, she will often be soft spoken and kind. She will frequently become flustered and panicked, however, if asked for assistancein healing, as it brings up bad memories. Uncertainty and fear keep her from being a competent healer, and as such she only knows basic spells.


Mediocre healing abilities prevented from further development due to mental blocks, fear of being relied on as a healer,

lack of knowledge of various cultural and societal differences between all races, naïve, and overly trusting at times.

Birthplace Edit

Unknown. It is theorized that Maeyla may actually be a descendant of the Grimtotem tribe, as evident by her

appearance and where she was found. For her own safety, and to her knowledge, her adopted father simply

said she was born in Mulgore and found after her parents were killed by Kolkar.


While she may often be wandering Silvermoon City, in truth she has no place to actually call “home”. Though it is often noted that she is

happiest when visiting troll-inhabited cities and villages, even if her appearance there is foreign to the locals.


Dhjal Shatterspear - Adopted Father [Deceased]

Thjal Shatterspear – Adopted Uncle [Whereabouts Unknown]


A sweet-faced Tauren female with Garnet eyes, black and white spotted fur, long braids and a timid presence. Unlike most Tauren, her hands are black with grey palms, and she has a large scar on her outer thigh from an accident when she was a youngling.

The fear of healing runs deep in her psyche, and as such has had an intensely crippling effect on her. It can be assumed she does not heal even herself, evident by her most common appearance of carefully wrapped, occasionally blood-soaked bandages visible under her clothing and occasional scars that pepper the skin beneath her fur.


Raised from nigh-birth by the Troll hunter who found her, she knows little, if nothing of other Tauren, nor has ever truly expressed curiosity. As a child, she was content with her father, even outwardly expressing delight when visiting his home and sister tribes. Due to her upbringing, she knows not a lick of Taurahe, speaking mainly Zandali and Orcish.

Relationships with Other Tauren

While picking up on the ways of druidism, her teachings and contact with other Tauren were incredibly sparse. Oddly enough, their kind attempts to reach out to the troll-raised nomad bore the opposite effect and even to this day frighten her. Such as it is, she is rather uncomfortable around them.


When she was three years old, she was found bloodied, battered, and unconscious at the ruins of Camp Aparaje by a wandering Troll hunter named Dhjal Shatterspear. Upon finding the child he took her in, treating her wounds and nursing her back to health. Around her neck he found a pendant of the Grimtotem tribe. From the look of the child and the pendant she wore, he assumed she was a child of their tribe. Though he tried, there were no other survivors to be found.

Unable to leave the orphaned calf, he decided to take her under his wing until some relatives or another family could be found. Having normally been a loner and strongly favoring traveling in solitude, the Troll would eventually find himself attached to the little Tauren. As time went by, Dhjal came to see Maeyla as one of his own, even giving her his clan name and referring to her as his daughter.

On their travels, Dhjal would come across an old Tauren druid who saw great potential in the troll’s daughter, and so she began training in the ways of druidism. The little Tauren was overjoyed, and found new purpose through her talents, using them to further help her father through everyday life.

Maeyla Reflective Wikia
Sadly, not many years after, Dhjal fell victim to a terrible and deadly disease. Although she tried her best and used every resource she could find, Maeyla was still an inexperienced healer.

And so Dhjal Shatterspear passed away.

Following the death of Dhjal Shatterspear, Maeyla has since wandered on her own, in a feeble but desperate attempt to carry on in her father’s spirit.

Still… meditation and prayer do little to sate the poor little Tauren, as she continues her journey alone.

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