• Name: Mai Rivendale
  • Race: Forsaken
    Mai Reflections
  • Height: 5’4’’
  • Weight: 87lbs
  • Age: Unknown
  • Occupation: Seamstress
  • Quote: "I never wanted to be this..."

A meek and mild young woman, Mai is nearly always quiet and reserved.


Physically weak, timid, and often hesitant, with a personal refusal to use her abilities as a realized Death Knight.

Additionally, she never wears armor and hates to fight.

Birthplace Edit



Silvermoon City




Soft, icy blue eyes sometimes hidden behind greasy, purple hair. For being dead twice over, her complexion has remained "mostly" intact, with bits and pieces of skin missing around her right cheek and above the eye sockets, exposing the bone underneath. For the parts of her hands where flesh remains, her fingertips and palms are dotted with tiny scars that come from often unknowingly piercing herself with a needle while sewing.

The only clue to her true profession are her eyes, bearing the chilling mark of the Lich King's servant. Still, while she has all the powers and abilities of a newly realized Death Knight, she refuses to wear armor of any kind or tap into these reserves.

Instead, she dresses as the seamstress she once was and tends to sit quietly by herself. It seems the last thing she wants to be reminded of is what she is now.


Before she became an indentured servant of the Lich King for the first time, Mai enjoyed a peaceful life as a seamstress in Lorderon.

After it's fall, she became a mindless slave to the Lich. Even in his services, she was weak and pathetic, but Fate's fortune would rescue her from his clutches and join her to the Forsaken.

In an effort to help her fallen but now no longer forgotten bretheren, she became a priest and rose in her studies.

Though still "young" in both age and wisdom, the Horde's forces against the Scourge desperately needed all healers they could find, and so a hesitant Mai was recruited.

The battles were long and the casualties were many, but she assumed herself relatively safe as she stayed at the camps and took care of the soldiers. But soon the men fell back to the relentless armies of the Scourge and the camps were taken. Before she knew it, Mai was felled again, only to be reawoken in a cold chamber once more. It seemed she would never escape undeath, and now she would become a slave to the Lich King yet again.

After breaking free of terror's hold once more thanks to the great help of her fellow Death Knight comrades, Mai turned down their request to join them. Instead, she opted to leave for the cities, roaming the Horde capitals with a quiet air.

While she knows she can never truly return to the quiet life she once knew, she still hopes she can salvage her existence, attempting to make the most of her forced immortality by taking up the hobby she once knew and loved. As of now, she resides in Silvermoon City, just outside of the Royal Exchange and happily tailoring for any passerby.

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