Faction Horde
Race Tauren
Class Priest
Gender Female
Guild -
Level 1

Biography Edit

  • Name: Maplebrook of the Oatwind (Formerly Asehma of the Winterhoof)
  • Race: Tauren
  • Size: Slightly larger through the thighs and smaller in the bust
  • Age: Middle aged
  • Guild: -
  • Occupation: Crone of the Oatwind Tribe. Disciple of Maleche.
  • Personality Sketch: Empathetic, Cautious, and Just
  • Weaknesses: Her caution prevents her from making hastey decisions, and her lawful nature forces her to carefully weigh the outcome of every option she can take. Together... she decides very slowly, and is quite stubborn to change once a decision has been made.
  • Birthplace: Camp Taurajo
  • Home: Sun Rock Retreat
  • Family: Windcatcher (Husband, Deceased), Haketche (Father), Dahmela (Mother), Ituha (Sister, Later: Yanisin, Deceased), Hawakme (Brother, Deceased)
  • Description: Though her hide is worn as if it had a constant exposure to wind, a gentle kindness radiates from within her. Her mane is cut in a straight bang that comes just down to her eyes. Wherever she goes, she brings with her the scent of Pine.



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