The years haven’t torn this man down! In his later years and carrying himself with head held high, Marvin Rivers isn’t exactly your normal old veteran of the neighborhood. Adventure and entertainment? He lives for it- No, he -seeks- it. He can almost always be found with a smile pinned on his face. Carrying himself with youthful abandon, it’s obvious he takes care of himself for someone of his age. He’s aging and it’s come to pass on his features, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t an extremely fit older man. His dark grey hair is always bundled in a band, pulled back into a ponytail. His hair is accompanied by a well-maintained beard and moustache. He prides himself in keeping from looking like a mess.Scars? He has them. His hands (front and back) are littered with small souvenirs of previous battles and escapades. His face is relatively clean. Nothing but a long slash-shaped scar runs along the left side of his lower jaw. There are ones on his chest; scattered, mostly minimal. Each one tells a tale of the seasoned old bird.Forever faithful, Mr. Rivers is a man of the light. A tattered libram is usually found on hand, more often then not hanging from a chain on his belt. The pages and cover appears torn and covered in dirt. Around his neck hangs a long silver chain. On the end of the chain, there is an ankh with his initials engraved into it, obviously another sign of long-time beliefs.His dress is subject to change. Common garb and battered armor are general parts of his extensive ensembles. Whether it be armor for crusading, or clothes for friendly gatherings, he has been seen with it all.

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