Melizande portrait

A portrait of Melizande Sunstorm

  • Name: Melizande Sunstorm
  • Race: Blood Elf
  • Class: Death Knight (previously a Paladin of Quel'thas)
  • Size: 5'8", 105 lbs. Slender build.
  • Age: Roughly 98 (barely an adult, but mature enough to be considered one)
  • Guild: Quality
  • Occupation: Last seen in the service of the Ebon Blade in Icecrown.
  • Personality Summary: Bold, brash, self-interested, "intense", occasionally described as morbid and apathetic, yet prone to flashes of concern, distress, or sadness.
  • Birthplace: Born during travel, presumably in the Eastern Kingdoms, but grew up in and around Silvermoon City in Quel'Thalas.
  • Home: Currently on the move in Icecrown, but finds solace within the walls of Acherus, the Ebon Hold.
  • Family: Daughter of Savrin Sunstorm (deceased). Mother not known.

Description Edit

Her body is slender and well toned. She stands roughly as tall as the average human female. Once, her skin was fair and just lightly sunkissed, her hair a golden blonde, glimmering like the sun itself. Now she is pale as a ghost, and her golden hair turned black as night, yet her near flawless beauty is radiant. Her eyes however, are cold, and calculating, careful and untrusting. Should she grace you with her soft and melodic voice, her words will be brief and her patience short. Her armor looks to be of the highest standard, adorning her from her neck down in hardened plate. Across her back rests strapped a large intricately designed weapon of expert craftsmanship, adored with wildly glowing runes of unnatural origin. It is surgically sharp.

Biography Edit


Savrin Sunstorm, Melizande's father

Melizande was born roughly 71 years before the first war, the daughter of Savrin Sunstorm, a prominent Warrior of Silvermoon City who frequently travelled between Quel'Thalas and the Kingdom of Lordaeron to offer assistance where he could as a token of good will between Humans and Elves. He eventually came to study the Light and trained under members of the Silver Hand, becoming one of the few High Elf Paladins in service of the Alliance during both the first and second wars.

As such, his daughter Melizande followed in her father's footsteps and, under his tutelage, embraced the Light as a young girl, very quickly surpassing her father's expectations and proving incredibly proficient in its use. Melizande displayed a notable talent for weaving different magics using her physicality alone (non-verbal incantation), and was able to apply them in combat training with relative ease, attracting the attention and approval of her elders.

Savrin was slain during the Second War, presumably somewhere in the Blasted Lands during the final bloody battle between the Alliance and Horde at the base of the Dark Portal.

The loss of her father devastated Melizande, who hadn't known the comfort of many friends growing up, and being tirelessly devoted to the image her father Savrin expected her to conform to. Lost in helpless, insatiable anger for a time, she threw all of her focus into her training and drowned her sorrow in a sort of self-erected pride in her maturing powers that she would use as a front to protect herself and which would eventually become the only personality she knew.

Life as a Paladin Edit

Paladin Melizande

In the service of Silvermoon City

Following the Third War, Melizande and her fellow High Elves of Quel'Thalas completely severed their ties with the Alliance. Eventually the Quel'dorei would ally themselves with the Horde, renaming themselves Sin'dorei, or Blood Elves, and Melizande would take up rank with the newly formed Paladin order in Silvermoon City, led by former priestess Lady Liadrin.

The daughter of Savrin Sunstorm made her mark at once within the Order. However, the Melizande that joined the Silvermoon "Blood Knights" was not the same girl that once proudly walked in her father's shadow. She had hardened, grown bold, and proved to be a deadly weapon, quickly demonstrating her potential as a leader on the field of battle. She helped earn Silvermoon many of it's glorious victories. However, as time passed, her obtrusive ego and lack of compassion earned her a reputation as a "warhawk" and put her at odds with many of her more spiritual comrads in arms. Furthermore, her studies in Holy magic, largely self-guided, continued to yield new and more dangerous results — ways to further weaponize the otherwise healing nature of the Light — which provoked dissent from across the Order.

In the political theatre, so too did the daughter of Sunstorm find herself at odds with her peers. An air of deviancy seemed to attach itself to Melizande's name, and many of her concerns fell on deaf ears. She disagreed with Silvermoon's war in the Outlands. She felt it was a needless waste of time sacrificing Sin'dorei blood in a foreign conflict and would rather see their attention focussed within. She was shocked and disappointed to learn of her King's betrayal, yet still she sensed a far more threatening power growing in the North, and found herself helpless to ignore it. Indeed she did all she could to draw the attention of the Magisters to her cause, hoping that they would share her concern and take action. While she did draw their attention, it was not in the way she expected...or wanted.

"Victory At Any Cost" Edit

Despite her victories abroad, her efforts to extend her reach were perceived as a selfish pursuit of power,

More to come! Edit