Mindina is a young and beautiful kaldorei druidess who stands at about 6'7". Her skin is pale blue, and although she‘s fairly powerful as a druid, her eyes remain silvery white, unlike most druids who’s eyes eventually turn gold. Two markings stretch over her each eye, each in the shape of a raven’s wings. Her hair is a shade of dark purple, although the roots are more silvery-white, and the purple is a bit uneven, being lighter in some areas and darker in others; all signs of the hair being ‘unprofessionally’ dyed. It falls gently around shoulder-length. She usually wears a portion of it in a small ponytail on the back of her head.

The color of her feline form is similar to her hair; purple, but uneven. Her facial markings are still visible through the short fur on her face -- making her identifiable -- although in her bear form the markings are a bit harder to see. The color fades in her bear form, making it almost a shade of brown.

She has a small tattoo of the Kaldorei insignia on the underside of her wrist. Because of her constant travel in her forms, her muscles are fairly toned, especially along her arms and legs, but not extremely so. The only visible scar she has is a three-inch-long scar from a blade across her right cheek.


Mindina grew up in a small Night elf settlement known as Silverwing Refuge. She spent most of her time playing in and exploring the forests of Ashenvale with her father, Lafavin, Druid of the Talon. Her fascination in druids lead her to follow her father around wherever he went. When he had gone into the Emerald Dream, Mindina spent most of her time exploring Ashenvale and the lands around it. When her father died in in the Third War, she took up druidism, as it was now practiced among female kaldorei. Since then she's been wandering through Azeroth, learning as much a she can about the land and how better to protect it and become one with nature.

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