Prof. Natchy Tinkerwrench is a Gnome Archaeologist from Gnomeregan.

Biography Edit

Childhood: Edit

Born in Gnomeregan, Natchy was one of the last Gnomes originated from there. She was just a Child as the city was contaminated after the reactor incident.

Youth: Edit

Growing up in Ironforge she began to show interrest in smithing and engineering. She began to create little toys and when she became old enough began studieing history. The dwarfs from Ironforge were ecxellent teacher and Natchy soaked in every little bit of knowledge she could find. She also trained to use a variation of different weapons, so she could defend her self if she ever leave Ironforge. Her dream is to become an archaeologist after all.

Adult: Edit

After she had nothing left in the archive of Ironforge that she could read, Natchy left Ironforge to explore Azeroth and soöve the misteries of this World. And maybe some others...

Chronological summary of events Edit

Pre-Classic Edit

After the third war and fall of Lordaeron, Natchy decided to watch the World and meet other races. She used to stay in Stormwind for a year. From there she moved to Darnassus because she wanted to see Kalimdor and the culture of the Elves. After a while she got bored from the nature and moved back to Ironforge, where she heard about rumors of large amounts of adventurers who wanted to travel the world. So she decided to join in.

Classic Edit

coming soon...

The burning Crusade Edit

After the opening of The Dark Portal, Natchy wanted to see how the homeworld of the Orcs and former home of the Draenai, who recently joined the Alliance, would look. She joined the huge amount of adventurer into Outland. There she createt a flying device which she uses ever since.

Characteristics Edit

Natchy is a dreamer. She never felt responsible for politics, war and conflicts between the Aliiance and Horde. Mostly she wants fun. Even if she is fighting, its more a game for her then a serious situation.

RP Stories Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She is not interrested in other Gnomes and thinks her race is "boring and cliche", which is why she began to travel.
  • She is played with 2 different characters.