General Statistics Edit

Full Name: Nikajah Moonlily Silverleaf
Nicknames: "Nik," "Nikki," or "Nika" - She will answer to all three.
Age: 424
Race: Kal'dorei
Gender: Female
Hair: Waist-long, pale turquoise
Skin: Soft-rose colored
Eyes: Luminescent
Height: 7'0''
Weight: Average/Athletic build
Physical Features: Tribal beads and feathers decorate her long tresses. She wears the traditional Kaldorei tattoo on her face - three claw marks over each eye extending from hairline to jawline. A crescent moon and star are tattooed at the apex of each shoulder. These tattoos are all druidic in nature, specifically pointing to the path of the Claw. Her long ears are adorned with several earrings, some with dangling trinkets, and she wears a diamond wedding ring on the ring finger of her left hand.

Other Information Edit

Place of Residence: At the Darnassus Silverleaf Estate.
Place of Birth: Ashenvale Forest
Known Relatives:

Zerik and Aria Nightmoon - estranged parents

Within the Silverleaf Household:

Ceridith Silverleaf - Nikajah's husband.
Katanya Silverleaf - Ceridith's eldest daughter and Nikajah's adopted child.
Aceriel Silverleaf - Ceridith and Nikajah's middle daughter.
Isandri and Jasaeri Silverleaf - Nikajah and Ceridith's twin toddler daughters.

Outside the Household:

Nazumai Stormsong - Part-time nursemaid to the Silverleaf girls; Councilor for Agency.
Lynissa Bellamont - Nazumai's companion; Agency Secretary.

Silthius Silverleaf - Ceridith's younger brother, Nikajah's brother-in-law.
Jasaeri Silverleaf - Ceridith's oldest sister, Sentinel, Nikajah's sister-in-law.
Vestare Silverleaf - Ceridith's youngest sister, Nikajah's sister-in-law.
Drittsyn Silverleaf - Ceridith's paternal cousin.

Religion/Philosophy: She believes in the deities of her people: Elune, Cenarius, and Malorne. Her beliefs are typically druidic - in the preservation of nature, the animal spirits, and balance and harmony.

Occupation: Director of a company she founded called Agency. She recently sold a small herbal/alchemy shoppe she once owned in Stormwind, and relocated to her newly acquired tavern and inn called The Dreaming Dragon. She travels between her estate in Darnassus and her inn frequently, as her two older children reside at the estate.

Affiliations: Nikajah maintains close ties with the Cenarion Circle and the Cenarion Expedition. She also maintains contact with numerous factions, all of which enable her in her current employment considerably.

Known Titles: Director of Agency, Guardian of Cenarius, Champion of Darnassus, Champion of Stormwind, Ambassador, Diplomat, Seeker, Loremaster, Chef, Sergeant Major, Argent Champion, and Explorer.

Guild Rank: Founder and Director.

Enemies: Enemies take on various forms: The Burning Legion, the Scourge, and the targets of various contracts who oppose various Alliance and some Horde interests. Nikajah does not see Horde as her total enemy, honoring the shaky peace agreement between the factions, but she will defend herself if attacked. She dislikes Forsaken and Sin'dorei, and carries a slight mistrust of trolls - mostly due to the fact that she thinks they'd like to have her for breakfast. It has taken her awhile to forgive the orcs for slaughtering Cenarius, and she still harbors a bit of resentment, secretly. But she also understands their blood curse and respects Thrall. She appreciates Tauren in particular, approving of their love and devotion to Nature. She harbors an intense mistrust of the Forsaken since Wrathgate; in truth she views most undead as abominations of nature, grotesque perversions of the laws that govern the sanctity of life. Though this personal dislike causes her to be uncomfortable with death knights, she can sympathize with the fact that most were raised against their will.

Likes: She holds the values of loyalty, honesty, and respect in high regard. She is helplessly drawn to those in need of protection or friendship. She has an odd fascination with other races, especially humans - she thinks they are exotic and is always eager to learn more about them.

Favorite Foods: Nikajah will eat almost anything. She finds traditional Kal'dorei meals a bit on the bland side, but she will eat them. Because of her special attunement to the animal spirits, she is drawn toward red meat, fish, and ripe berries, especially while in forms. If she is in animal form, she has no qualms about consuming her red meat and fish raw. She tends to like human foods better than Kal'dorei fare, as it seems exotic and decidedly more spiced. Nikajah is also a very skilled cook. Her most guilty pleasure is chocolate cake.

Favorite Drinks: When she is not drinking herbal honey-mint tea or coffee, honey mead or elderberry wine tends to be her preferred choice.

Favorite Colors: Green.

Weapons of Choice: She prefers her own sharp claws, but has a deep appreciation for the staff. She prefers the lightness of staves and was once very practiced in the martial arts particularly using this weapon.

Dislikes: There is never any way faster to make yourself an enemy of Nikajah than by betrayal. Nikajah is fiercely loyal and expects loyalty in return. She also dislikes close-minded individuals and racists.

Hobbies: She has a bit of a green thumb and once owned an herbalism and alchemy shoppe in Darnassus. She also enjoys cooking and fishing. She has an appreciation for the arts, though she doesn't consider herself very talented. Once, she used to sing and play musical instruments, but after the amnesia, she doesn't realize she still knows how to play. She enjoys keeping a variety of little pets for herself and her daughters at their family home in Darnassus - but most of them stay in the stables (or so she thinks).

Special Abilities: She is highly specialized in the art of shapeshifting and she has acquired the gift of nature's restorative qualities.

Positive Personality Traits: She is the mother hen herding her chicks. She is protective, friendly, open-minded, honest, fiercely loyal, fairly organized and personable. She would give away the shirt on her back for a friend in need. She's also very intelligent.

Negative Personality Traits: She is often too proud to ask for help. She sometimes bites off more than she can chew. She can be too trusting sometimes, and is a sucker for someone in distress. She worries about everyone too much.

Misc. Quirks: An event in her past leaves her susceptible to fel corruption, though she does not realize it.

Professions: Herbalism and Alchemy

Brief History Edit

Nikajah's, who was known as Kyna Moonlily at the time, parents disowned her for bucking gender tradition to become a druid. She was an only child, and she set off into the world with the eagerness of youth. Despite the deeply buried hurt of her parents' disapproval, she vowed that she would one day make them proud of her.

While still relatively young, she met a feral elf named Krowl and eventually pair-bound herself to him. This bond didn't last. Krowl was a spirit at unrest, a gypsy who would never be capable of settling down. She spent many, many lonely days when with him that led her into depression.

Whilst affiliated with a small clan known simply as Silverfall under the Matron Wraithsilver, Kyna found love again. She befriended a compassionate, strong warrior elf named Ceridith Silverleaf, and soon spent as much time in his company as she could. Their love blossomed over time, although her fear of having another bond fail kept her from succumbing to her feelings for a long while. Eventually, Ceridith asked her to be his mate, and she could say nothing but yes in her elation.

Meanwhile, the druid began a deep affiliation with the Cenarion Circle and was often sent to deal with private missions of grave import. She still spent every free moment with her warrior betrothed, and this soon produced a daughter, Aceriel, named in the feminine for her father. The child grew under the care of her parents and her parents' close friends, as various wars and threats often called them to duty. It was once such duty that severed Kyna's ties with her family.

She was called upon a mission to retrieve an artifact that had slipped through what can only be described as the nether, into a separate dimension parallel to the universe of her own. She did not entirely understand the mechanics of her travel, but she was sent into the parallel world using a specialized portal built by some of the world's most gifted magi.

The traveling had several unforeseen side-effects, as was the risk assumed when performing the unknown. Amnesia was the least of these, and the production of a cloned copy of herself was the worst. She renamed herself Nikajah at this point and founded the company of Agency, all due to a subconscious desire to rediscover her identity.

Her mate, however, never gave up the search for her. He eventually called upon a sorceress named Elisia who had once seduced him, forcing him to produce a child at her whim whom she later discarded, threatening the relationship he had cultivated with his beloved Kyna. Kyna had learned to accept this, and eventually adopted the poor, discarded half-elf offspring, who grew at an astonishing rate due to magical manipulations performed by her evil seductress mother. Everyone believed that Katanya belonged to Kyna.

Elisia was able to duplicate the portal and Ceridith eventually found his mate. He encouraged her to return, but she was dedicated to the company she had founded and, due to the amnesia, they had to recultivate a relationship all over again. His young daughters were brought through, and for a time it seemed they would be happy. Nikajah and Ceridith finally officially pair-bonded themselves.

Soon, Nikajah would remember her original mission. She was compelled to return the artifact which was her purpose for traversing the portal. The artifact created enormous amounts of chaos, and she was forced back through the portal, family in tow, and followed by the sorceress, Elisia, who had hunger of her own for such a powerful object.

Upon her return to the Circle, she was forced into a semi-retirement for her troubles. She was examined for problems caused by her travels and prodded for days, until finally she burst. Only later did she find out that she had left a duplicate copy of herself behind, somehow, and that it had been unconscious until the very moment of her return.

During her semi-retirement from the Circle, she decided to resurrect her company. She began forming ties in the community and things blossomed even more successfully than the old business had been. She soon found herself pregnant, and yet quite happy. Nikajah bore a set of twins -- Jasaeri (named for Ceridith's eldest sister) and Isandri.

Nikajah has entered retirement from Agency and focuses her time on raising her daughters.

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