Norgon is an alliance of guilds in the Alliance. There used to be 4 guilds, but 2 guilds formed up with the

Alliance Union. Norgon has councilers, and even though it has a king or chairmen, they have the some power as the councilers.

The first Chairman of Norgon was a Paladin Kashel, but died during an assualt fighting the Lich King. so a new leader was chosen, who is named Tonland.

Norgon Guilds include:

1. Alliance of Lordaeron Led by Vythrin

2. The Grand Alliance Union Led by Valanax and Tonland (fused with the Draconic Retribution and the Argent Defenders.

If any other guilds wish to join, just tell one of these people that Lead the two guilds.

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