• Proper name: Orlando of the clan Riht
  • Race: Orc
  • Class: Death Knight
  • Home: Draenor
  • Guild: None
  • Skills: Enchanting, Jewelcrafting
  • Background: As a warrior, Orlando joined his clanmates and the Horde in the invasion of Azeroth. After the Horde's defeat, most of the clan were destroyed, the rest scattered. Orlando joined Grom Hellscream for a number of years until the rise of Thrall and the new Horde. As with the rest of the remaining Riht, Orlando pledged his loyalty to Thrall and served the Horde in the Plaguelands where he ultimately was taken by Arthas. To this day, he believes that his "partnership" with Arthas was voluntary. Bitter at the loss of his brother who died at the hands of the Scarlet Crusade, Orlando's passion is their destruction.