Pauleke, The Avatar of The Guardian SpiritEdit

Pauleke is a priest who resides in Stormwind as a scribe. Known for his work as a good samaritan, his calm and quiet nature, his extremely liberal viewpoints on the practice of shadow magic and the war with the Horde, and his mysterious life, he is both praised and distrusted by his peers.

"The Light blinds many of my people, even my friends, they do not understand the true nature of evil, and with tragic zeal they hunt those who are innocent, much like the Scarlet Crusade." - Pauleke

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known, even by his personal friends, about Pauleke's past and early life. He refuses to comment on it. Some believe he grew up in Gilneas, and somehow escaped and managed to reach Stormwind. Others insist he was adopted by the Cathedral of Light at a young age, although no records show of this. Regardless, sometime in his adolescence, he must have come in contact with the Guardian Spirit of Elwynn.

Legend of the Guardian SpiritEdit

There is much speculation on the nature of the Guardian Spirit, however, there is a legend of a similar Guardian Spirit that orginated in Elwynn soon after the city of Stormwind was founded. The legend was somewhat popular, and told of how the Guardian Spirit attempted to bring peace and justice to the land. The truth is very close to this, but is much more complicated. No one, not even Pauleke himself, knows when the Guardian Spirit settled in the region, but there is a connection between her and Medivh, although she existed long before he did. The Guardian Spirit works through an avatar, a mortal who she acts through. Just before the First War, the Guardian Spirit's powers began to wane, and her avatar died suddenly. Some believe that with the corruption of Medivh, the Guardian Spirit fell into a depression that caused her to lose her power, and think that if the Guardian Spirit still had her power, the events of the First War would have never occured. Others think that the Shrine of hte Guardian Spirit was desecrated just before the First War. Others still believe she lost faith in mankind and withdrew. Regardless, she did not regain her power until a short time after the Third War, leading many to believe her absence in the affairs of men caused the nobility of Stormwind to become corrupt. Although her avatars enjoy great power, they do not enjoy immortality, and live only slightly longer than the average human. There were 12 avatars before Pauleke, all of whom were women. Some believe that in choosing Pauleke as an avatar, the Guardian Spirit wished to come back to the world in a new way. It is estimated that Pauleke was selected on his 14th birthday, the day he arrived at the Cathedral of Light. He keeps his identity a secret out of protection.

The powers of the Guardian Spirit are many and varied, including looking into the future, resurrection, and illusion, as well as many abilites of the Light. And some legends believe she may even have the power of creation.

Work as the Guardian Spirit's AvatarEdit

Since becoming the Avatar of the Guardian Spirit, Pauleke has helped many in need throughout the kingdom of Stormwind, and uses his abilities as a scribe to help others even outside of his alter ego. Pauleke's abilites as a holy priest are growing steadily, and with the aid of the Guardian Spirit, may soon become that of a god. However, he has recently drawn the attention of many extremists including the Scarlet Crusade, and has been labelled a heretic by some for his support of many shadowmancers and warlocks of Stormwind. However, he strives to bring the Guardian Spirit back into the world of men, and to give the true meaning of the light back into the world.

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