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Professor Sunstriker

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Early LifeEdit

The Blood Elf, Syrion Lucian Sunstriker was born in his home town of Golden Mist Village. He was raised here by his loving family. His father Lucian and his mother Arrane were simple farmers and his two sisters, Cassius and Arlia, seemed to be following a similar career path as their parents. Syrion however was different. He showed a natural talent of seeking and gaining knowledge at a much faster rate they anybody else. He ended up surpassing his basic education by several years. Realizing his natural talent he decide to purse this and he left his home to go to the University of Silvermoon City, at the age of 11.

Syrion� spent the next several years deep in study of physics and biological sciences at the university. But he still maintianed a stron connection with his family back home in Golden Mist. He would often visit his family or they would visit him, they were still everything to him. At the univesity Syrion became good friends with another student who was in the medical field, Doctor Kalethan Kveykva. The two of them were great friends. Syrion soon became the youngest professor to live, at the age of 19.

He was happy... back then...

Later LifeEdit

Syrion was 20 years old when� the Scourge swept through Quel'Thalas in order to reach the Sunwell. Syrion was visiting his family in Golden Mist when the scourge surrounded it and destroyed it without hesitation. Syrion had to watch in horror as the scourge slaughtered his family. He had managed to escape thanks to the families boat on th river to the north but his family wasn't as lucky, Syrion couldn't do anything to help them. Syrion then went into depression for the next� couple years, the vision of his family being torn to pieces still haunts him. Hatred slowly grew within him until he finally decided to take his revenge. He went back to Golden Mist Village and took up his fathers old hunting bow.

Syrion spent the next several years training himself in the ways of the hunter and the ways of the beast. He would spend months at a time all alone in complete wilderness training himself. He developed remarkable acrobatic skills and a perfect aimed. He also developed 'Beast like senses', the sight of an eagle or the ability to find something miles away using his nose. Syrion had become a "beast". He soon� joined the Silvermoon Rangers without any problems, his impressive talents made him perfect for it.

Soon Syrion headed to northrend and joined the ranks of the Argent Dawn to finally take his revenge on the scourge. He slaughtered countless amounts of scourge and even lead a large group deep into the heart of Icecrown Citadel and took down some of the Lich Kings greatest warriors. He had befriended Tirion Fordring who described him as "The decimator of the scourge". Because of this, Syrion is now known as Decimation.


Today Syrion lives in Silvermoon city. He returns often to Northrend to combat the scourge and occasionally he might just slip back into his work has a Professor

His most recent occupation is serving as a body guard for his dear friend Elundriel Suntreader, a high elven ambassador.

Syrion is also a member of The Sons of Doomhammer but mostly because Elundriel is in it.


Name: Syrion Lucian Sunstriker

In-Game: Desimation

Race: Blood Elf

Gender: Male

Age: 53 (Very young for an elf)

Class: Hunter

Occuaptions: Professor, Crusader of the Argent Dawn, Bodyguard

Personality Traits:

  • Generally Kind and Friendly
  • Quiet and shy
  • Remarkably intelligent
  • Short temper which can lead to a bloodlustful rage


  • Skilled acrobat; Very athletic
  • Perfect aim with a bow
  • Beast like senses


  • Elundriel Suntreader - Bodyguard employer and Syrion has feelings for her.
  • Kalethan Kveykva - Best friend.
  • Cassius Sunstriker - Syrions dead sister resurected as a Death knight; Has no memory of her past life as Syrion's sister.
  • Zhe'nergul - A good friend of Syrion.
  • Gritzgore - Leader of The Sons of Doomhammer and recently becoming a friend of Syrion.

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