General InformationEdit

Name: Rohdahn "Roh" Fus'obeah (Foos-oh-beah)

Age: 52

Gender: Male

Birthplace: The Troll caves of Dun Morogh

Home: The Guild Manor

Occupation: Rending, hacking, ending lives, and fixing armor.

Relatives: Zarizai - Daughter; Inuuro - Son (deceased); Kaledor - Son; Zahara - Wife / Mate (deceased)

Guild: Hack and Slash Anonymous (disbanded), Gold and Glory

Armory: [[1]]

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Height: 10'2" when not hunching

Weight / Build: 324, lean.

Skin Tone: Pale blue and white.

Scars and other features: Crisscrossing white scars cover his body. There is a long crack running down the inside of his right tusk caused by the forceful removal of his wedding studs. His face is lined with wrinkles and the scars of battle.

Hair: Tall white mohawk.

Eyes: Obsidian.

Appearance and LanguageEdit

Rohdahn is usually seen with an optomisic smile, unless the viewer happens to be on the receiving end of his mace. The Troll looks his age, though he tends to wear armor that hides most of his body. If seen without, one would think he is no longer fit to swing the mace he carries almost constantly. Like any other male of his race, Rohdahn hunches. When he stands tall, his impressive height is hard to miss.

His accent is thick and tends to have a difficult time with the 'r' sound; Rohdahn also uses simpler words in lieu of a word that he may have trouble pronouncing. Having never been formerly educated, Rohdahn has his daughter write any notes or letters he needs taken care of. However, he can read in Orcish, many Troll dialects, and Thalassian.

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