Rustam is a Death Knight Tank, currently struggling to resolve the troubles in Northrend. His goal is to make reporations for the sins he was forced to commit while under the command of the Lich King Arthas.


Full Name: Lord Rustam Embersoul, Viscount of House Vul Du'har

Class: Death Knight

Race: Blood Elf

Age: Middle Aged for a Blood Elf, but appears much younger (due to his service to the Lich King and several spells)

Current Features: Ice Blue eyes, Skin as pale as snow, standing taller than most (blood elves that is), Strong build, Pure white hair.

Occupation: While not thrashing mobs, pvping, or conducting business of his station, Inscriptionist, Miner

Birthplace: Silvermoon City


Birth and HeritageEdit

Rustam was born at the conclusion of the Second War, the first son born to the Earl of House Vul Du'har, Embersoul. Born with a head of hair the color of Iron-Oxide, and skin that glowed with a slight red tint, he was named Rustam. As a noble, the normal High Elven traits of Arrogance and Ambition were even more pronounced, and could almost be seen in his clear blue eyes. Growing up in Eversong Woods, Rustam spent many hours in the outdoors, practicing his archery, swordsmanship, and becoming a master-at-arms. Rustam idolized his father, a ranking member of the Blood Knights, and eagerly joined the order at the earliest age possible.

Being of noble birth and his father being a Paladin, Rustam was antiquated with the use of most weapons, and excelled at his studies. Rustam at attained the rank of Master at the outbreak of the Third War, and was eager to join the new war, hoping to obtain the rank of Champion, and take his place among the elders, a feat rarely achieved by one so young. However, the Blood Knights were weary of the struggles of foreign powers, and were willing to allow the Silver Hand to weaken their tenuous powers before engaging their own.

The Third WarEdit

When the Knights of Silvermoon did enter the war, Rustam held his own, helping to vanquish whatever Legion or Scourge beast dare to step up to the challenge. However, when Prince Arthas turned on his own, and marched on Silvermoon City, Rustam, along with the rest of his order, ran frantically to save their beloved homeland.

Rustam was with his father when he was killed, devestated at the loss of his idol. While defending escaping citizens running towards the magestic forest of Eversong, his father was cut down before his very eyes by a mammoth Abomination. Fueled with rage, Rustam charged the beast, cleaving the horrid creature's head asunder.

Rustam himself fell before the gates of Silvermoon City, defending his home from the Scourge. As he fell, the Dread-Knight Arthas approached, and captured his body and soul, tearing him from the peaceful rest that Rustam had hoped for.

Service to the Lich KingEdit

Rustam, being a paladin of merit, was a perfect candidate to be initiated into the growing ranks of Death Knights. Still concious of his actions, but unable to stop himself, Rustam was driven to the edge of his sanity as he watched his actions, and dreaded every new day that he continued to exist.

The transition from Paladin to Death Knight took a toll on his body, making three physical changes. His eyes, once a clear blue, became the color of a glacier, and obtained the same cold, hard appearance. His hair, once a vibrant shade of iron-oxide became tinted with white, which continued to change as he was forced to live through the horrors that his service to the Lich King intailed. Finally, his skin, for some unknown reason, became as pale as snow. Rustam blames this particular fact on his first and second journey to Northrend, and how the cold, which he had hated, took its toll on his body. Rustam no longer fears the bite of cold.

Rustam was, however, aware that his power and prowness with a blade were important to the Lich King's ambitions, and was placed on the Acherus: The Ebon Hold when it invaded the Scarlet Enclave, and beseiged the Scarlet Crusade. There, along with their leader Darion Mograine, the Ebon Blade escaped the control of the Lich King, and recommitted themselves to their old task of killing the foes of their races, and fueled with the desire of vengence on their old master.

Return to Silvermoon and the HordeEdit

Being released from the control of the Lich King, Rustam returned to his old home. Not suprised by the initial greeting of hatred by the citizens he once called friend, Rustam pledged himself to the cause of the Lich King's death. Rustam proved his intent by returning to Northrend, the frozen wastes he had once barely escaped from, only to be pitted against the Scourge once more.

Rustam denounced the title of Earl, which he had inherited when his father had perished, weary of the repecutions it may have. The title passed to his younger brother, and second son of Embersoul, Rustev. However, for his contribution to the safeguarding of the citizens of Silvermoon during the Scourge Invasion, and the merits he earned in Northrend, Rustam was granted the title of Viscount, with all the rights and privilages that his status entailed.

When Rustam finally was able to meet with his younger brother, and now head of the family, Rustev, they were reconciled with immediately. Before leaving for Northrend, Rustev cast several spells on his brother's body to preserve and enhance his new strength, and to return vitality to his now dead skin. While the spells were unable to perform their original function, due mainly to the magic that permiates a Death Knight's body, the magics cast did take hold on his skin and appearance, and returned some form of life to his skin. No longer dead, but unable to tan, Rustam now, and shall forever more be as pale as an albino. The spells have also returned unto him the body and physical strength that he had while a Knight in the order of the Blood Knights, the peak physical condition Rustam ever had.


Currently, Rustam remains a faithful son of Silvermoon City, and has cast his lot with the Horde. He splits his time between the battles at Icecrown Citidel, bringing glory to the Horde in Wintergrasp, and his duties in Silvermoon City.

Rustam pledged on his father's grave that he would use his power and life to bring the downfall of the Lich King, and constantly struggles to bring about his end. He, with his most trusted commrades in arms, invade the Lich King's halls weekly, leaving the torn carcases of their foes in their wake. They will not stop until they can return to Dalaran, riding the captured offspring of Sindragosa, and carrying the decapitated head of the traitor Arthas.

Upon the rebellion of the Ebon Blade, Rustam returned to his beloved homeland to find his family members with eyes of green, and a new Sunwell. But what suprised him the most was the presence of Orcs, Tauren, Undead and Trolls in his beloved city. Thankfully before he slew these outsiders, he was made aware of the new state of affairs, and the induction of his race into the Horde. Wanting to show his committment to his vow to make amends for his crimes, Rustam joined with his new Horde brothers, and fights in earnest for their continued glory in battle. His favorite place to do battle currently: Wintergrasp.

As Viscount, Rustam must attend to his duties in Silvermoon City, and he can be found there quite frequently. Rustam returned to his home in Silvermoon City, and found that his servents had been able to recover the old Paladin armor he had inherited from his father, and had repaired it. There it had gathered dust, in the hopes that it may once more bring glory for his house. However, Rustam knew that he could never again join the order he once hoped to Champion, and had the armor stained, to lament for his days as a Paladin. He still wears them to honor his father, and as a constant reminder of the pledge he made to avenge his father's death and destroy the Lich King.


Rustam has a quiet, and calculating personality, due mainly to the constant struggles he faced as a nobleman throughout his younger life. He speaks the truth, though often in riddles. Rarely does Rustam show emotion in public. He instead perfers to be himself among his commerades, and saves all his ferver for Wintergrasp and Icecrown Citadel.

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