• Name: Salarous De'Fairwryn
  • Nickname: Sanguine Dawn
  • Age: A vague estimate is around 13,500.
  • Sex: Male
  • Blood Line: Original Night Elf and High Born, First Generation Sin'Dorei
  • Birth Date: 06/21
  • Birth Place: Nordrassil
  • Current Residence: He resides prominently in Iron Forge, though he keeps a room in Dark Shire and a home in Silvermoon.
  • Guild/Orders: Shadow Song, Kirin Tor, Order of the Crimson Hand
  • Occupation: Prominently a Warlock, though he branched downwards through the ages from Battle Mage and Shadow Priest
  • Hobbies/Pastimes: Cooking, Tailoring, Jewel Crafting, Furthering his knowledge in all magical arts and biological studies. Including some of the less pleasent arts such as Flesh Crafting and intense study of Diseases and Afflictions.
  • Talents/Skills/Powers in Magic: Most prominently he favors anything pertaining the elements of Shadow and Fire, he also has a vast knowledge of Rune Craft and the Raw Adepts- or base power beneath all magic.
  • Birth Order: Salarous, Alexandria
  • Family: Mother (Missing, presumed Dead), Father - Roan De'Fairwryn (Deceased), Step Mother - Ildiko De'Fairwryn (Deceased), Half Sister - Alexandria De'Fairwryn, First Wife - Dahlia Sheerwind (Deceased), First Daughter - Ana'lihn De'Fairwryn (Deceased), Present Wife - Athanae De'Fairwryn (Deceased or Alive, depending on timeline), Daughter - Dawn De'Fairwryn, Consort - Marius De'Fairwryn, Adopted Daughter - Thanatosa De'Fairwryn

Personality Edit

Salarous is a man who presents himself as a Noble Diplomat- his nose is often turned in the air, and he treats those he views as idiots or beneath him with open scorn. He's a calculative man with fine tastes and a quick temper. Although- beneath it lays a man willing to do whatever it may take to protect those he deems his Own. Passionate and fierce, he's swift to guardian those he cares for with violent conviction. No expense shall be spared when it comes to his deemed Family- be it by wealth or treachery and torture to others, it shall be done.

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