Sarianna Nia'nal

Basic Information Edit

Name: Sarianna Nia'nal
Nickname: Nia
Race: Night Elf
Gender: Female
Age: Middle-aged
Class: Druid
Detailed Class: Naturalist, Animalist
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationships, past or present: Shalana Whitestar (close friend), Sharaen Whitestar (mentor and love interest), Nadehezda (co-apprentice)
Involvement with any associations, guilds, or militias: Cenarion Circle, Cenarion Expedition
Ranks or regards among said guilds, associations or militias: Naturalist
Wealth status: Unknown
If not, their source of income: Asks for what she can do in return for help.

Relationships, ect. Edit

Place of birth: Ashenvale
Wealth status during childhood: Unknown
Current home(s): None, she prefers to live outdoors.
Reason for making a home there: To stay close to nature.
Known family members, and their relation to the character: Solen Nia'nal (father), Shelendia "Star" Nia'nal (mother)
Living members amongst said family: Shelendia (no known in-game contact)
Non-family members of note(Includes pets): A small dragonhawk she calls Silver.
Most cared for friends, family, or pets: Sharaen, Silver.

Personality Edit

General happiness, 1-10: 7
Social level 1-10: 6
Reaction to Horde: Friendly, especially towards druids.
Reaction to : Friendly and caring.
Reaction to Neutral Groups: Friendly.
Any exceptions to these: None
Distinctive personality traits: Caring and cheerful, her mind tends to wander a lot.
General reaction upon meeting a stranger of the same faction: She will smile and be cheerful, but will most likely not speak unless provoked.
Feelings and tendencies towards alcohol: Does not like the thought, but tolerates it.
A brief personality description: Quiet and thoughtful, prefers to watch than interact. Very motherly.
Favorite things in life(Foods, colors, events, etc.): Loves green and Midsummer (she usually is a Flame warden).
Least favorite things in life: Nature's descruction, those who do not tolerate others.
1 Optimist, 10 Pessimist, 1-10: 3
Significant or unusual traits or aspects: She is probably too trusting of others.

Appearance Edit

Facial appearance(Includes hair): Long bright green hair pulled in a braid, vines and flowers usually woven inside. She has a long silver earring on her left ear. Her almond-shaped eyes shine golden and her lips plump and tinted green to match her hair.
Skin color and appearance: Somewhat pale, but enough purple shows through to show her race.
General body build: Average, however she cannot fight well in her natural form/
Best features: Her eyes.
Worst features: Her ears.
Favorite features of their own: Her hair.
Every day apparel(If any): Modest leather or cloth pieces.Armor, detailed descriptions of each piece: Usually comfortable leather pieces she has sewn her self, often with natural patterns or even leaves and braches set within.
Weapon(s), detailed description of each: A glaive usually worn on her back for when she is heading out to battle, however she prefers no particular weapon.
Any accessories: Leather belt with pouches for herbs and seeds.


The specialization of their class: Naturalist (Restoration), Animalist (feral).
Skill and experience with their weapons: Does not like weapons, would perfer to switch forms to fight if necessary.
Skill and experience with any sorts of magic: She prefers to heal wounds, often in the midst of battle as well as commune with nature.
Mastery of their class: Very strong.
Skill and experience in battle: Behind the majority of the team, healing (very strong). On the front lines (very weak).
Pre-prime, in their prime, or post-prime: Later end of her prime.
Favored weapons or skills: Nourish'


Sharaen and Nia'nal

History Edit

Nia grew up in Ashenvale. She knew Sharaen and his family for quite some time before their older daughter, Shalana, left to train as a priest. Nia followed her friend Shalana to train, however she felt no love for the profession. Later on, when druids were allowed to pick up apprentices themselves and train females, she eagerly signed up.
Sharaen later picked her to be his apprentice, teaching her the ways of being an animalist. Nature spoke to her, speaking of a need for someone to heal the land and those around her, so she taught herself how to use those spells to help those around her.
She travels around the world, trying to help those around her as well as heal the land. Her latest 'project' being Northrend.

Combat skills Edit

She prefers to heal those around her, drawing lightly on the land to help power her spells. However, if necessary, the training Sharaen showed her can kick in and tell her how to fight as a bear, a cat or even a bird. Her preferred form while in battle is that of a mix between a tree and her natural form.