To apply or participate, please visit our website at SilverSeaCartel.TK or find any of us in game!

Silver Sea Cartel is a trade ship fleet under the command of Fleet Admiral Lok'gra

on behalf of an unnamed goblin Trade Prince. The primary trade route is between Ratchet and Booty Bay, though it's not uncommon for the fleet to travel to other locations like

Officer on the Bridge!

the Isle of Kezan, Tel Abim, Undermine, and Steemwheedle Port.  Most of the crew take their shore leave in Ratchet.

There are three groups that sail with the cartel: Hired Deckhands, Senior Staff, and Passengers (Ambassadors, Chefs, Explorers, Privateers...)

Stories Edit

Across the Silver Sea (In Progress)

The Admiral and The Medic (Unwritten)

Purpose Edit

This is a project to create a community of RP in Ratchet. We’re going to explore the social aspect of Role-play and dismiss the compulsion to level to cap and gear up. The goal is to designate a new RP capital free of griefers, and to reach out to new characters on the server… showing them a thriving RP destination. In the future, when the numbers are sufficient, we'll do planned weekly role-play with a fluidly directed story-line.  I'll continue writing the 'history' of the Cartel from back story to present, into the future to come as affected by you!  Alliance and Horde alike of any guild are welcome and encouraged to roll an alt and join in!

Ships and Crew Edit

Kraken Edit

Trivia:  Kraken was a Gunship before the Neptulon was decommissioned.  It now serves as a flagship.

  • Fleet Admiral Lok'gra - Acting Captain
  • Aynne Sagewind - Lieutenant and Chief of Medicine
  • Moongolv - Deckhand

Decommissioned Vessels Edit

  • Neptulon - Former Flagship
  • Tojanida - Former Gunship
  • Leviathan - Former Cargo Ship
  • Tempest - Former Cargo Ship
  • Osprey - Former Cargo Ship