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Victory for Doomhammer!

Reality Forms The Vision Edit

The orc known Gritzgore was a warrior to the Horde for quite some time from the second war into the present time. He has seen the mantle of leadership pass from Doomhammer to Thrall and has also seen the difference between the two different leaders. It was because of these two differences that caused Gritzgore to grimmace at the current situation that the Horde had itself in. Deception, corruption, crime, and unguided hate ran rampant through the Horde and he saw this. However what angered him the most was the fact that the Alliance has gone unchecked for their attacks; the Horde doing nothing about the situation the Alliance is putting them in. Now normally Gritzgore would just have sneered and done nothing about the situation, thinking that nothing could be done about it; however he wasn't alone any more. The blood elf paladin, Elastus, happened to be his pupil at the time and also shared the same view that Gritzgore witnessed in the Horde. Unlike his master, Elastus urged his master to take action and do something. At first, Gritzgore spoke about the golden age that was Doomhammer and that was what sparked the idea. Elastus pounced on Gritzgore's memories and told him that the name of Doomhammer is not widely known now in the Horde, many not knowing his deeds and sacrifice! This was all Gritzgore needed to hear as he stood up to meet his pupil's gaze and said: "We will make dem remember."

The Founding Edit

Elastus, knowing that he was no leader, willingly gave Gritzgore the right to lead the guild when it would be formed. Gritzgore understood and gratefully accepted the responsibility and honor before him. In no time at all, Elastus and Gritzgore went to the orc capital, Orgrimmar (which Gritzgore kindly pointed out the name to Elastus),
Good SS

Assualt on South Shore

and filled out the paper work needed to be recognized as a guild. It did not take long for members to join them. Gritzgore has been here and back again all over the world, bringing glory to the Horde, and has of course made friends along the way that he respects as they respect him. These friends were the first people to join the ranks of the Sons of Doomhammer. However it would not stop or slow from there. Gritzgore went from city to city, crying out for those that are tired of living in fear of the alliance to rise up and strike back! Many joined the ranks soon after, wanting to either protect the Horde's lands and people or to attack the lands of the alliance. At first their ranks were growing but it was nothing more than a small group that you could hardly call a threat. However word of mouth began to spread and soon enough more joined the banner of Doomhammer. Those that joined soon realized that this orc was not huffing smoke either. Their purpose of defending the lands and bringing the fight to the alliance was as true as Gritzgore was green.

Current Times (Post Cataclysm) Edit

"Many look to us orcs and see us as savages. But what they don't understand is that this world is a savage world that will kill them before making friends with them. So let us be savages! Let violence be our means and tools to war with and may the very winds howl in terror to our coming. The Sons of Doomhammer fight! We fight for your death Alliance filth! Death to the pig skins! Death to the worshippers of the night! Death to those of the mountains! Death to the alien! And death to the man wolves!" -Gritzgore Doomsire

War has found itself pulled back into the relation between the Horde and the Alliance. The Sons of Doomhammer have now found their their selves roused from their long slumber and have answered their new Warchief's call to arms. Where once the Sons and Daughters of Doomhammer fought to protect the Horde's lands, they now find themselves fighting to rid the world of the Horde's most dire problem: the Alliance. No longer shall they merely act as a defensive tool of the Horde; now its members fight to spill the blood of their enemies in their homes and in their cities. With such new firey devotion, the Sons of Doomhammer almost accepted Garrosh Hellscream immediately as their new Warchief. Gritzgore has personally pledged his allegiance to their new Lord and has also pledged the allegiance of his guild. Though at the current moment, while they still have members in their lot, the Sons of Doomhammer still have found themselves in dire need to continue to search for new members who will fight for the Horde and for Lord Garrosh.

Our Purpose Edit

The Sons of Doomhamer was founded on the belief that Argent Dawn needed a shake up. This is an old server and many of the RP guilds are either dead and buried or have grown so large that they are intimidating. This guild was but another new RP guild with just a few people in it but after tireless recruiting, it all came together with so many wonderful members. Our purpose is to simply but the enjoyment back into RP. None of this drama llama crap or nothin (although the occasional one is quite healthy) but just good old fashion RP. Not only that but its a guild that will take every step on its path to glory. In other words, our recruitment may seem slow but this give everyone the opportunity to get to know everyone and at least RP with them once, creating a very relaxed air around the RP enviroment. To put things simply: We are here to enjoy World of Warcraft and the RPG aspect of the game.

Other OOC Information Edit

Sons of Doomhammer is a heavy RP guild with a taste for PvP. I say this because we will attack alliance towns and settlements however that is not a requirement to join for we focus more on the RP aspect of the guild. However having a PvP taste will definetly help. This guild is a couple months old now and our ranks of members continue to rise. In the guild we promote the development of character (relations, views, etc.) and also the relation with other guild members. We stress that what happens in RP stays in RP so that our environment is an enjoyable one. There are many examples that can be found of this in the guild where two characters will just absolutely disagree with each other but the people behind the sceens will talk in OOC and laugh about it. Respect and kindness does go a long way. And no the guild master and second in command are not self centered as the history portion of the page might make them seem. The guild was indeed founded by those two however the members happiness are what is important to these two.

IC Message From the Guild Master Edit

"The purpose of the Sons of Doomhammer is to unite the true sons and daughters of the Horde to take up arms and tell this world that we are here! That we are eternity!This Horde was founded on our blood and the blood of our brethren. Thrall has indeed done much for us but his time has passed! Now he no longer seeks the true orc path, rather focusing on his 'castle' in Orgrimmar. Well I say damn that all to hell! We have our home and its mighty expansions; what a glorious time it was to be amongst those who made these expansions. But now we cannot even protect our own homes. Our families live in a constant state of fear because our guards are few and the armies of the Horde do not march! Well I say damn that all to hell! Damn it all! This land was taken by us and thus we shall protect it with our own hands! My brothers and sisters, rise up! Rise from your slumber and see your people wracked in fear and grief! Take these emotions and smother them in rage. It is with this rage that we will protect our lands. It is with this rage that we will take new lands and lives from the Alliance. It is with this rage that we will raise the Banner of Doomhammer and pronounce our presence to the heavens above! Our time is now!"

Joining Our Ranks Edit

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Say Cheese!

To Join our Ranks is an easy matter. All one has to do is simply contact Gritzgore, Elastus, Steelios or Elundriel either by whisper or in game mail. To make it easy both on us and yourselves, contact us out of character at first but after doing so, we'll be more than happy to meet with you in character. Before joining our ranks however, please keep in mind the following.

  • Our goal is to attack the alliance and protect our homes. There is no peace in our eyes so if you seek a peace between the Horde and Alliance you might want to re-think joining our ranks.
  • We are a heavy RP guild and that means we would like to see you RP. Now of course we don't have some kind of "you RP every week or you get kicked rule" because that would be stupid. But if you simply don't RP or make the effort to try and learn then we will confront you.
  • We are not a leveling or raiding guild. Our focus is on RP with a hint of PvP. If you're a PvPer but not a RPer then this might not be the guild for you.

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