Stormcrow is a tauren druid known both for his feral talents and quirky personality.


An outgoing soul with a creative mind, Stormcrow is only too happy to tell stories and tales, often weaving elements of comedy into even the most serious moments. However, he rarely tells stories about himself or his own exploits, a fact that often goes unnoticed. Most consider him a bit odd, but he has many friends in many different locations.

Feral to the bone, Stormcrow is an enduring defender as a bear and a fierce attacker as a cat. Although he works well in groups, Stormcrow spends a great deal of time as a lone wolf, prowling enemy territory and making strategic strikes against the foes of the Horde.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Stormcrow is above-average in height for a tauren, with broad shoulders and a barrel chest. His fur is a deep black in color, with black horns to match. He is often encountered in his enormous bear form or cat form, both of which have the same deep black fur. Stormcrow does not maintain scars for long - they seem to heal as a result of his shapeshifting talents.

Stormcrow and the Emerald DreamEdit

As druids are mystics of nature, Stormcrow walks a mystic path as well. His path, however, is much deeper and darker than most. Stormcrow receives visions from the Emerald Dream, often coming at night as his own dreams. The visions he receives come from the dreams and memories of other beings connected to the Dream. In this way, he remembers things that never happened to him, and sees clear visions of ancient people and places. He never speaks of how or when these visions started, but he speaks often enough of what he's seen.


Having performed actions for allied groups across the world, Stormcrow is considered an exalted hero by groups from the Argent Dawn to the Zandalar tribe. Stormcrow often uses these contacts to get information and aid in his goals. It's well known that he has this reputation, so much that is he sometimes called "Stormcrow the Exalted."

Stormcrow's PastEdit

Stormcrow's story before the Third War is not clear. He claims to have been born in Feralas and spent most of his life there. When asked, Stormcrow says that he does not remember much of it.

Stranger still, Stormcrow has said that he was a natural shapeshifter from his earliest days as a druid, and claims to have spent decades perfecting his bear form. However, the tauren only rediscovered druidism about seven years ago, so these tales make no sense.

Current ActivitiesEdit

As a Champion of the Ani Ayastigi, Stormcrow serves as an officer and warrior of his tribe. His current job is to review and guide recruits who wish to join the Ani.

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