Strength of the Tribe

  • Narrator - Zivosha
  • Alsumse (Elder Sister) - Serahe
  • Ishnahuakee (Brother) - Alhazad
  • Nalyehe (Cart Merchant) - Thunderherd
  • Pezi (Weaver) - Stormcrow
  • Atohi (Elder) - Stormcrow
  • Unega (Quilboar Leader) - Yanisin
  • Mangletusk (Quilboar Archer) - Jumbalaya
  • Great Earthspirit - Zederic
  • Marketman - Zederic

The VillageEdit


Marketman is browsing over Nalyehe’s goods on stage right. Pezi stands alone on stage left working on his loom.

Narration: The tale of our tribe begins in a modestly sized but healthily bustling marketplace. The dry barrens wind carries sand between the tents and licks the faces of hard working Shu’halo going about their daily chores. Two of which—Nalyehe the cart-merchant and Pezi the weaver—are pleased to be engaged with the day’s last customer before An’she travels beyond the bluff and on, into the night.

Marketman: I’ll take this rug, here. The brown one. I’ll offer a pot of honey and a tuber for it.

Nalyehe: (With a laugh.) You’re going to have to do better than that! These rugs were hand made from a master artisan in Durotar! Shipped straight down the Gold Road by kodo back.

Marketman: Hand made? (Rubs the fabric between his fingers.) Okay okay. I suppose I can go up to two pots of honey. But for that it needs to be red! That’s my wife’s favorite color, you know. She won’t be too pleased if I spend two pots of Honey—

Nalyehe: And a tuber!

Marketman: Two pots of honey and a tuber on a rug that’s not red.

Nalyehe: Well I can get you red, but it’s going to cost you. First I need to send word to the Artisan. Then the Artisan needs to let me know she’s gotten word! Then she’ll spin it up… and red dye isn’t cheap these days, mind you! Eventually it’ll come down the Gold Road, say in a week or two. We might have to tack a couple more tubers onto the trade, though.

Marketman: A couple more tubers?! Two pots of honey and three tubers?! Well… okay. But it had better be the most beautiful red rug on this side of the Bluff! (Marketman heads to exit stage right.)

Nalyehe: I’m sure it will be! I’ll put in the order. (Discretely nods to Pezi.)

Pezi: (Switches to a red yarn on his loom and begins weaving.)

Marketman: (Runs back on from stage right.) Quick! Tidy up! Alsumse is on her way!

(Nalyehe straightens up his stand. Marketman adjusts his shirt and backs up to the wall center stage. Pezi licks his hand and brushes his mane back. All three puff out their chest when Alsumse enters)

Alsumse: (Enters from stage right and crosses to stage left.) Good day, gentlemen! (She waves as she passes. Nalyehe and Marketman deflate their chests. She stops and speaks to Pezi.) I got a nice big hole today in the hip of my armor while I was hunting Thunderlizards.

Pezi: Oh! (He does a slow circle, and then kneels behind her to stage left.) Hmm. Looks too big to patch. I’ll begin work right away on a replacement!

Alsumse: (Giggles, then begins to exit stage left.) You’re a lifesaver! I’ll see you in a few days.

(Nalyehe, Marketman, and Pezi all cross to stage left to watch Alsumse exit. They form a semi-circle to trade words.)

Nalyehe: There goes Alsumse. The greatest hunter of the tribe!

Marketman: We even talk about her in Camp Taurajo. Hunted the greatest kodo in the barrens…

Nalyehe: One the size of the red rocks themselves!

Pezi: Keep dreaming, boys. She was talking to me! (Flex.)

(Ishnahuakee enters from stage left and abruptly stops at the three. Nalyehe quickly runs back to stage right to his cart.)

Ishnahuakee: Oh excuse me! I didn’t see you guys here coming around that corner!

Marketman: My fault! (He steps back to center stage.)

Ishnahuakee: Not at all! I was just making my rounds… is there anything any of you need help with?

Pezi: I’m just closing up for the day, myself! I’d ask for a drink, but I already saw you down by the well earlier.

Ishnahuakee: Mmhmm! Elder Atohi’s daughter was thirsty. I decided to bring a whole jug back if you want to get some; I left it by the hide curer. (He Points off stage left.)

Pezi: I just might do that, thanks! (Throws a rug over his loom and exits stage left.)

Ishnahuakee: And you, friends?

(Marketman and Nalyehe shake their heads no.)

Ishnahuakee: Okay then! If you need me I’ll be in the communial tent! (Ishnahuakee exits stage right.)

Marketman: Who was that?

Nalyehe: Oh, right! You’re new in town. That’s Ishnahuakee. He’s a good kid. Helps out whoever he can without asking for anything in return.

Marketman: I wish we had one of those in Camp Taurajo!

Nalyehe: I believe you did a few days ago. My mother had a taste for an apple last week but I was fresh out. He went that way to get her one… along with a few other supplies of course.

Marketman: That’s a two day trip each way.

(Nalyehe nods.)

Marketman: Hmm. My brother said he’d be sending a letter soon. I wonder if he has it! (Runs to exit stage right.)

Nalyehe: See you when your rug is here! (Waits a moment.) General goods here! Flour! Carving Knives! Knapsacks! Tobacco! (Groans as he lifts his cart and slowly wheels it off stage left.)

The ThreatEdit

Razorfen HillsEdit

Unega sits center stage, facing the audience.

Narration: The hills of the Razorfen are covered with brambles, but an enemy within proves to be just as thorny.

(Mangletusk scampers in from stage right.)

Mangletusk: Unega! You here, great shaman?

Unega: (Bones and beads strike one another and rattle as she rises.) Speak. What news comes from the scouts?

Mangletusk: (Turns quickly and Kneels.) No news. They just went. Hear more soon. More land for tribe soon. We fight… not yet.

Unega: (Let’s out a shrieking squeal, then growls.) Scouts should have been sent yesterday! We should be fighting today! What happened?!

Mangletusk: (Cowers.) Crackhoof. Scout leader. He decide be too old. Took the walk… fight great prowler. Die for tribe. We finish prowler. Eat. Find new scout leader.

Unega:He chose to inconvenience us by dieing elsehow?! He should have died scouting! He’s selfishly delayed all of our plans!

Mangletusk: He old, though. Slow. Make other scouts slow. This way better.

Unega: (Begins pacing.) I suppose. It’s acceptable. Go now. Rally the fighters. I will be thornweaver, and we march tomorrow… regardless of what news the scouts bring.

Mangletusk: Yes. I go fast. Thank you, Unega. She who born man. Strong and great, become leader of tribe! (Shuffles off stage right.)

Unega: Leader of tribe? Spare me your praise and glory. My time is almost up. (Exits stage left.)

Barrens PlainsEdit

Great Earthspirit sits in the front of stage center.

Narration: Meanwhile, in the Barrens, a large raptor wanders into some sun-bleached sawgrasses. Alsumse had been stalking the beast all day, but now pauses to reflect on her options.

(Alsumse enters stage right and crosses to the center, kneeling behind Great Earthspirit to catch her breath while hidden.)

Earthspirit: Hey you! Get those hooves off my roots!

Alsumse: (Steps back quickly.) Eek! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to! Wait… what is this?!

Earthspirit: (Uproots and paces back and forth in front of her.) The nerve of you critters! Always walking all over us! How would you like it if we started stepping on you!

(Queue Mangletusk and Unega to leave through the back exit, loop around, and take position on the stage left stairs.)

Alsumse: I wouldn’t like it very much at all Mister Tree! To be honest I never knew you cared.

Earthspirit: Bah. (Leans over and feels over his roots, making sure they’re okay.) Of course I care. You warrior types never pay enough respect to us spirits. Always chopping us down to make your shields!

Alsumse: (Places her hands on her hips.) Now hold on just a minute. That’s not true!

Earthspirit: Hmm?

Alsumse: I use a turtle’s shell! The largest and strongest one I’ve ever seen!

Earthspirit: (Huffs.) Well Miss Hunter! If I’m not even good enough to be your shield, I suggest you stop wasting your time with me and get back to chasing that poor lizard!

Alsumse: I can’t…

Earthspirit: (Slumps his shoulders and pauses.) And why is that?

Alsumse: You yelled and scared it off!

Earthspirit: Well! (He crosses his arms.)

Alsumse: I’m sorry… If I had paid more attention I wouldn’t have stepped on you. I was just so caught up with what I was doing that I stopped worrying about anything else!

Earthspirit: Well that’s a valuable lesson to learn. I hope it’s able to permeate that thick skull of yours! (Huffs and walks off stage left.)

(Alsumse crosses toward stage right and kneels to inspect tracks. Mangletusk squeals and Alsumse turns toward stage left.)

Mangletusk: We fast, Unega! Make great time! Scouts not even as fast as Great Unega! (Squeals.)

Alsumse: What are those on the mountain! Quilboar?

Unega: Be quiet you idiot! All of that squealing is going to alert their tribe!

(Alsumse places her hand over her eyes and squints.)

Mangletusk: That fine. More fight! More us die while fight… that fine too.

Unega: (Growls.) Go back and check on the archers. I think I see something ahead.

(Mangletusk run back stage.)

Alsumse: Definitely Quilboar. No doubt they’ve seen me, too. I’ve never seen one back down, so it looks like I get a fight today afterall. (Draws her axe and moves toward stage left.)

Unega: Mangletusk! The archers!

Mangletusk: (Runs back to Unega.) We see! We see! Arrows away! (Cast volley on stage where Alsumse stands.)

(Alsumse makes some evasive maneuvers then retreats to exit stage right.)

Unega: Damn. After her!

(Unega and Mangletusk exit stage left.)


The Chief's TentEdit

Atohi sits center stage. Marketman stands and Nalyehe kneels before him closer to stage left.

Narrator: Back in the village, oblivious to the threat at hand… a civil dispute is raised in the chief’s tent.

Marketman: I’m not usually one to cause trouble, Chief Atohi… and I’m sorry to disturb you with this… but I saw the red rug being spun on Pezi’s loom!

Atohi: Mmm. And Nalyehe told you it was to be an artisan rug from Durotar? I see him here, but tell me young one… where is Pezi now.

Nalyehe: (Stands.) If you please, Chief, I can answer that. Pezi has gone to gather flax to spin bow strings. He’ll be back in the camp later tonight.

Atohi: I see. (Short Pause.) Given the long history between you and Pezi… and that the nature of this charge is familiar… I’ll allow you to speak for him as well as yourself. Do you dispute these charges?

Nalyehe: (Looks down.) Forgive me, Chief.

Atohi: Very well then. It is settled. The price of the rug shall be two tubers… if he’d still like to have it, that is (nods at Marketman.) As for you, Nalyehe… you and Pezi will both supply the tribe with whatever they need, free of charge, for three days. Your Chief has spoken (bow.)

Marketman: Thank you, Chief Atohi. I’m not usually one to cause trouble. I’ll accept the rug at two tubers. Thank you! (Bow and exit stage left.)

Nalyehe: Three days? Nuts! (Kicks some dirt and exits stage left.)

Atohi: Ishnahuakee?

(Ishnahuakee enters stage left.)

Ishnahuakee: Yes Chief?

Atohi: The trial is settled. Are there any other disputes tonight?

Ishnahuakee: (Peeks out stage left.) No Chief. We look to be… (He takes a step toward stage left.) Wait a minute.

(Alsumse charges in from stage left and sends Ishnahuakee jumping backwards into the tent wall.)

Alsumse: Chief Atohi! We must be to arms, quickly! Quilboar are just a moment behind me!

Atohi: (Stands.) How many? How far?

Alsumse: (Kneels and pants.) A regiment. At least twenty. They should be upon us within the next hour or two.

Atohi: Ishnahuakee. Where are the tribe’s hunters now?

Ishnahuakee: (Dusts off his chest and steps forward.) They should be out gathering meat and skins now… as always at this time. How will we defend ourselves?!

Alsumse: We must declare a new Warmaster! Who will lead our people against them? (Takes a step forward and puffs out her chest.)

Atohi: (Takes a seat.) Hmm. The Chief selects… Ishnahuakee. (Points at Ishnahuakee.)

Ishnahuakee: Me?! Chief I don’t know the first thing about war!

Alsumse: I agree! (Leans over to Ishnahuakee) No offense, brother. But I am the most experienced with fighting!

Atohi: Yes (Nods.) And you will serve us well on the front line. But Ishnahuakee knows the tribe. He knows our strengths, and he will lead us well.

Ishnahuakee: But I… (gulps, then pauses.) I won’t let you down, Chief.

Atohi: Fight with honor, my child.

(Atohi exits stage right. Ishnahuakee and Alsumse exit stage left, then Ishnahuakee re-enters stage right. Alsumse, Pezi, and Nalyehe enter stage left and stop just left of center stage.)

The VillageEdit

Ishnahuakee: Nalyehe. Step forward. You and yours, the cart merchants, weild incredible strength and stamina to pull your loads throughout the day. The Warmaster decrees that you will fight alongside my sister and her hunters who remain in the town. You will be the wall that protects our tribe.

Nalyehe: (Bows.) With honor, Ishnahuakee. It is as you say. (Takes a step back.)

Ishnahuakee: Pezi. Step forward. You and yours, the weavers and craftsmen, are of keen eye and dexterous finger. The Warmaster decrees that you will weild the bow and rain down death upon our enemies. Will your aim be true?

Pezi: I sure hope so! (Laugh.)

Ishnahuakee: Then it is done. We will stand together and hold this threat at bay. (War stomp.)

(Pezi, Nalyehe, and Alsumse bow and exit stage left. Atohi enters stage right.)

Atohi: We’ve begun to spot them along the hills to the south.

Ishnahuakee: To the south? Aren’t we protected by the cactus patches?

Atohi: It is as it was many years ago. They are at home in the brambles. They will try to draw you in… Whatever you do, you musn’t fight there.

Ishnahuakee: But if we don’t go in, they can nearly take that path all the way to our camp.

Atohi: A grim situation. It may have worked last time if we hadn’t had all of our warriors home. This time, we must find another solution. (Exits stage right.)

Ishnahuakee: Mmm. I must speak with Greatmother Lamiya! (Exits stage right.)

The BattleEdit

Backstage, Alsumse and Unega begin a duel. Nalyehe and Mangletusk do the same. Ishnahuakee stands just left of center stage, facing stage right with Alsumse. Pezi and Nalyehe are stage right, Pezi being the furthest. Nalyehe walks from Pezi’s position, to backstage, back to the position, then to the right stairs (repeating.)

Narrator: Outside the camp, our new warriors gather by the cactus patch. The sky, starting to dim, is filled with the sounds of shieking quilboar. It won’t be long, now!

Ishnahuakee: We must work quickly! Pezi, you remember you’re doing, right?

Pezi: Well I think so, but hell if I know why. (Picks a needle from the cactus, turns it around in his hand, and then stabs it back into the cactus’s flesh.)

Ishnahuakee: Nalyehe. Just like that! We must pile Pezi’s cactuses up to the sides and make a clearing.

Alsumse: Brother. What on Azeroth did Greatmother Lamiya tell you? She’s but a retired herbalist. What does she know of war?

Ishnahuakee: (turns and faces Alsumse) very little of war… but that doesn’t mean we should discount her wisdom. She calls these cacti “Fire Bonnets”.

Pezi: Did you say Fire Bonnets?! (He steps back.)

Ishnahuakee: Pezi! Don’t worry! There’s no flames.

Pezi: Right. (He steps forward again and continues.)

Alsumse: What’s a fire bonnet? And why are you making a clearing? This only buys us a few more feet of fighting room!

Ishnahuakee: Well. When they see the clearing… they’ll know we’ve prepared a trap. They’ll go around it.

Alsumse: And you think the cacti you’re piling up will stop them? They’re at home in there!

Ishnahuakee: They’ll know we’ve prepared a trap. What they don’t know is that when a Fire Bonnet’s poison mixes with its milk… it becomes extremely flammable.

(Alsumse rubs her chin.)

Pezi: All done!

Ishnahuakee: Excellent. Now help Nalyehe carry them to the sides. You too, Sister. I’ll keep watch.

(Pezi and Alsumse follow the same path as Nalyehe for a bit.)

Nalyehe: That’s the last one, Warmaster! Now what?

Ishnahuakee: Come back to me and rest for a moment while you can. They will be upon us soon. (He lights a fire.) Stand your ground, and wait for my mark.

(Alsumse and Nalyehe take position at center stage. Pezi stands next to Ishnahuakee. Unega and Mangletusk enter stage right and stop.)

Unega: What is this? No guards to stop us? It’s just a motley crew of merchants. (She laughs.) Lay down your arms and we’ll give you a swift death. These lands now belong to the Quilboar.

Ishnahuakee: You know we won’t do that. This is our homeland! You will not take it as long as we stand together!

Unega: A fool’s gesture.

Mangletusk: (He squeals.) Stupid tauren. Think they stop Unega. Should have ran! Running Tauren.

Unega: Mangletusk! Enough.

(Mangletusk yelps.)

Unega: Verywell. We shall have it your way. (She turns.) Destroy them all!

Ishnahuakee: Pezi! Now! (Lights an arrow on fire and draws his bow.)

(Ishnahuakee fires a firework behind Unega. Pezi fires one toward the right stairs.)

Unega: What trickery is this? My army! (Takes a step forward then shields her face from the flame and backs away.)

Ishnahuakee: It’s over, Thornweaver. Leave. While you can!

Mangletusk: You kill many. Not Mangletusk! Mangletusk fight. You die! (He runs in and attacks Nalyehe.)

(Unega charges in and attacks Alsumse. Pezi and Ishnahuakee draw their bows but cannot get a clear shot. Once Nalyehe gets Mangletusk low, he feigns death. Alsumse comes close to defeating Unega and she kneels.)

Unega: Finish it. My time has long passed.

(Alsumse raises her tomahawk.)

Ishnahuakee: (He steps forward.) I have a better idea. Go home to your tribe. Tell them what happened here. Tell them never to return.

Unega: You stupid boy. A quilboar never retreats. If you turn your back on me here I’ll put my axe in it. Finish it!

Ishnahuakee: Sister…

(Alsumse swings her axe and kills Unega [lays down].)

Ishnahuakee: Come, tribe. Let’s inform Chief Atohi of our victory.

(Ishnahuakee, Alsumse, Pezi, and Nalyehe exit stage left. Once they’ve gone, Unega and Mangletusk exit stage right. Narrator enters stage left and comes to center stage.)

Narrator: In the end, Ishnahuakee faced the quilboar threat with the knowledge and talents of his entire clan. Though he felt the strength within him was not enough to overcome these odds, he recognized the power of unity.

Narrator: For in the end... the strength of a lone warrior is a whisper upon this world. But when we stand together as one, and recognize those beside us... we become a mighty battle cry! (She bows then exits stage left.)


The entire cast enters from stage left in a line and spreads throughout the stage, in order from: Ishnahuakee, Alsumse, Nalyehe, Pezi, Marketman, Mangletusk, Unega, and then Narrator. As each name is called; the performer steps forward and bows, before stepping back in line.

Narrator: Playing Ishnahuakee, Alhazad Ghosteye!

Narrator: As Alsumse, Serahe Winterhoof!

Narrator: Playing Nalyehe, the cart merchant… Thunderherd!

Narrator: As both Pezi the weaver and Chief Atohi… Stormcrow!

Narrator: Playing the buyer in the market and the Spirit of Nature, Zederic!

Narrator: As the quilboar henchman, Mangletusk… Jumbalaya Asheye!

Narrator: Playing the fleeing raptor, Gumbo!

Narrator: And as Unega, the Quilboar Thornweaver… Ituha Yanisin!

Narrator: Finally, Narrating this play, I am Zivosha Embersong. We all dearly hope you have enjoyed this performance.

(Everyone bows.)

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