She just wants to bang on the drums all day

Biography Edit

  • Name: Tanriel Elorei
  • Race: Blood Elf
  • Size: Average height, very athletic build
  • Age: Unknown age before dying, looks young
  • Guild: Ani Ayastigi
  • Occupation: Self-proclaimed bane of the Scourge and scribe in her free time
  • Personality Sketch: Fiercely passionate to her cause, easily irritated, indulgent on re-experiencing life, and not afraid to speak her mind
  • Weaknesses: Overly confident in her own abilities along with wanting to experience what she feels she missed out on leads her to be a thrill seeker and hedonistic
  • Birthplace: Silvermoon City
  • Home: A small, rented flat in Shattrath City on the Scryer's Tier
  • Family: None known of
  • Description: She is a lithe figure with dark pink skin and fiery red hair, who takes pride in her personal hygiene. Her armor is maintained just enough to prevent rust and failure, but appearance wise is dusty and scratched from battle. Her hair is pulled into a ponytail perched on top of her head, bangs pinned neatly back. Unless directly out of battle, she has a faint scent of cream and herbs trailing behind her that is never enough to combat the stench of her ghoul companion.