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Terisa Daybreaker-Mistfang

Teri Edit

Terisa is a bright, bubbly, cheerful Blood Elf Rogue, who tries to make the most of her everyday life despite the sorrowful past that haunts her memories.

Background Edit

     As a young girl, Teri lived in Loch Modan with her parents, a pair of high elves who fought along side the dwarves of Ironforge and the humans of Stormwind to protect the lands from Dark Iron Dwarves. Her father, Ulrich, was a pleasant man who decided not to raise his daughter as the noble blooded child she was. Her mother, Maya, agreed whole heartedly and wished Teri to be a friend to all. Their hopes were slashed one fateful day as their toddler child followed them to view their battle from behind a tree, as she often did. This day rose within her hatred not only for the Dark Iron Dwarves, but for the Dwarves of Ironforge and the Humans of Stormwind who allowed her parents to fall.

     The orphaned child was whisked away to live with her Grandmama, mother of her father. In agreement with the girl's parents, Grandmama did not raise Terisa to be a spoiled young noble. Instead she encouraged the talented young elf to persue the profession that suited her best, that of the rogue. Although the young girl was loud when she spoke, did not step quietly, and shared all she found, Teri had a talent for stealth and could slip nearly anything, mainly sweets and apples, past her Grandmama. Despite the tragic start to her life, the girl gew up well and relatively happy. It was in recent years that tragedy struck again. In the early struggles against Kael'thas, Grandmama left Teri at home to take up the cause. The woman was strong but not strong enough and died in battle. Respecting her grandmother's wishes, the rogue burnt the house to the ground so that the old woman's secrets would never be revealed. With no remaining relatives, Terisa ran to Silvermoon where she began her journey to fight against all evils that have harmed her family.

Present Day Edit

     Time since that day has passed and Terisa has faced many changes. Falling in love with the worgen outcast, Loki, Terisa herself sought to be bitten and is now a worgen herself. Before this happened she was cursed by a strange creature and once the curse subsided she found herself able to shapeshift into several feline forms. Teri and Loki together saved a young worgen pup, blood nephew to the male worgen, which Terisa has named Ulric, in honor of her father. Recently, Loki and Terisa have made their union official in the eyes of the Sin'dorei, giving her the surname Mistfang. With the support of Loki, Terisa and her friends Eriadra, Furchanog, and Istvan had created the guild The Lost Scions. Yet after months of struggling to boost membership, Terisa returned to her friends at the Sons of Doomhammer... along with a small, unexpected bundle of joy...

Character Facts Edit

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NAME: Terisa Daybreaker-Mistfang
AGE: 83
HEIGHT: 5'2"
WEIGHT: 105lbs 
HAIR: Waist length, wavey, chestnut colored hair which is always left down. 
EYES: Lime green with honey colored flecks
DISTINCT FEATURES: Just above Terisa's right wrist is a sapphire crystal in the shape of heart with an emerald center embedded into her skin.
DRESS: Around the woman's neck lay two necklaces, one is a pendant made of proto-drake bone, the other is a dreamcatcher. On her left ring finger is a simple gold band with a rose made of sapphire. On the middle finger of her left hand is a ring made of obsidian with a green gem. When in the city it is not uncommon to see Teri in her fighting gear, though once in a while she'll wear a gown.
PERSONALITY: Terisa is loud, talkative, and outgoing. She responds quickly to her emotions and is always on the go. When meeting a new person she will often be polite, but quickly refers to a more comfortable speaking style, resorting to "slang."
ROMANTIC PARTNER: Loki Mistfang-husband, her 'precious one'
BEST FRIEND: None currently
OTHER FRIENDS: While outgoing, Teri doesn't take to really calling someone friend. People who could be considered "Friend" are Aevii, Steelios, Gritzgore and possibly Eriadra...
Dark Iron Dwaves, Ironforge Dwarves, Stormwind Humans, Kael'thas and followers of Kael'thas.
FAMILY: She is married to Loki, her adopted son is Ulric. She has an "Aunt" a troll friend of her grandmother named Ginza'ga. No living relatives remain.
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On the prowl

BASIC NATURE: Spontaneous, giddy, fun-loving
Clever, logical, strong-willed, extraverted.
IS SEEN AS: Hot-headed, stubborn, exciteable
HUMOR: Laughs loudly and easily, likes to tease her friends.
TEMPER: If a person, in anyway, threatens or makes a derogatory comment concerning any member of her family or a close friend she will lose her temper.
EDUCATION: Homeschooled by her Grandmama in cooking, herbalism, skinning, first aid, mathematics, juggling Thalassian and Common. She has also learned the tongue of the worgen as well as brushing the magic hidden within her.
WORK EXPERIENCE: Mercenary work of multiple types.
Her green and blue Spider Web Robe, a gift from her precious one.
SHAPESHIFT FORMS: All forms are that of a white feline with green eyes: Persian kitten, White panther-style cat, Worgen. (At one point she had a form that looked like that of a werecat, it has not been seen since her infection with the worgen curse)

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