One Artist's Depiction of a younger Thaelyn

  • Name: Thaelyn Sen'dian
  • Race: Blood Elf
  • Class: Mage (More specifically, Frost Archmage)
  • Size: 5'9", ~140 lbs.
  • Age: Unknown
  • Guild: None; Currently member of the Council of Silvermoon.
  • Occupation: Sin'dorei Chancellor for the Kirin Tor
  • Personality Summary: Quiet, intelligent elf. Not much is known about him as he tends to keep to himself. Has very strong diplomatic skills.
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Home: None - he travels quite frequently from Silvermoon City, Shattrath City, and Dalaran.
  • Family: Sister named Ilthania, Blood Knight stationed in Silvermoon City. Half-Brother named Emon, whereabouts unknown.

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