About CritiquingEdit

Critiquing is the art of constructive evaluation of creative works, be it writing, artwork, or otherwise. In the case of Character Critiques, we're looking at people's character designs.

From critiques we can get information and constructive review of our ideas as they apply. Those doing critiques may offer interesting and different perspectives on characters as well as information pertaining to things the original writer may not have been aware of.

In the end, the purpose of critiques is to improve people's characters and character design skills. It is by no means intended to make someone feel bad.

Please do not give critiques unless the person who wrote the character welcomes them. Not everyone is comfortable with feedback on their creative works.

If you feel you wish for feedback on your character, feel free to "Add Category" and entering "Character Critiques Welcome".

How to CritiqueEdit

  • Read through the character profile and evaluate the character.
    • Look for things you like.
    • Look for things that can be improved.
    • Think of what you might do or change to achieve the ideal improvements.

  • Is the character believable?
  • How canon is the character?
  • Is the continuity correct and reasonable?

Compile your critique into a clear and readable form.

Avoid inflammatory words.

If you're referencing lore or real life things such as psychological conditions, feel free to link to external articles that may assist the character's writer in making a more solid character.

When Being CritiquedEdit

Don't panic! Just because people have pointed out some flaws does not mean they dislike you or think you are a bad person. They're giving you feedback and trying to help you out.

Read through the notes people have made.

Make corrections as needed.

You may ignore things you don't agree with, in the end it's your character. Just remember that if your character is too far over the top people might not want to play with that character.

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