Quests halted as of 3.2 (See Kajsza's page for details.) Edit

  • Gryphonheart Items will be required to participate. (It may cause problems with graphic elements in some addons. Advised to disable it during raids.) Some have had concerns over the legitimacy of this addon. Know with confidence that it's perfectly fine. source
  • If you're curious speak to Kajsza in-game and I'd be happy to send you on the quests I designed OOC.

The ChassisEdit

The Hull Truth Edit

Obtain 10 stacks of Young Lumber and deliver them to Kajsza for storage.

The reward will become unavailable after 3 completions. (1/3)

  • Lillianar: 7-5-09


If we're ever going to get this project underway we need to have the materials stocked and ready. I could send you to deforest half of Ashenvale to meet our demands, but the wood out there is too old and knotty. We can't have that! Oh no! The aerodynamics and whatnot. What I need you to do is track down someone to help us grow some fresh young wood. Go get some Simple Wood and find a Druid to imbue it with Wild Growth. Then take this axe and have at it. I'll be waiting here with some compensation.


You will receive Blue Lumberjack Shirt

A Helping Hand Edit

Capture a Venture Co. Goblin.

The reward will become unavailable after 8 completions. (0/8)

  • Stenriht: 7-17-09 (Did not accept reward)


Now that we have a little lumber in store we can start "hiring" out some carpenters. *Kajsza lets forth a sinister chuckle.* Of course I haven't the funds to pay such helping hands... I barely have enough for you! Go forth and capture a Venture Co. Goblin from their Base Camp in Stranglethorn Vale. Bring him back to me and we'll put him to work!


You will receive Magic Eater x10

There's Some Fin Between Us Edit

Cover the Elevator Fin Frame with a Linen/Tar Composite.

The reward will become unavailable after 2 completions. (0/2)


Well that little green peon you got is a hard worker! The hull's frame is nearly done now so we can get the elevator fins in place once they're made. This is one of the secrets of the project, so come here. *Kajsza waits for you to lean in then whispers.* We're building the elevator fins with a super light composite. They'll have the same aerodynamics of a full iron fin with just a fraction of the weight! *Kajsza stands back up straight.* Take this framework and go down to the Lakkari Tar Pits with some linen cloth. You've done paper mache right? Same principle! Just make sure you don't create wrinkles to throw off the airflow.


You will receive Shadow Jade Focusing Lens

The Engine Edit

Opposites Attract Edit

Create an Anodizer by following Kajsza's schematic. Deliver it to her when you've completed construction.

The reward will become unavailable after 2 completions. (1/2)

  • Scynthious: 7-12-09


I need an Anodizer and I need it now! What's an Anodizer? You can't be serious. *Kajsza places her fingertips on her temples.* Well here's a schematic. You'll need to gather a few things to get it up and running, but you don't mind that... do you? Of course not. So go get a vessel like any old Empty Barrel, Some Corrosive Ichor, A Charged Scale and Electrified Scale to create the charge, a Delicate Copper Wire, and an Apexis Crystal to regulate the frequency. *She drags her finger across the schematic.* Yes that will do nicely. Get to it!


You will receive Diamond-tipped Cane

Lustin' for Combustion Edit

Use the Anodizer to create Copper-coated Titanium.

The reward will become unavailable after 5 completions. (0/5)


Nice work. Nice work indeed. Well don't just stand there and soak up praise! We're on a strict deadline! Now that we have our Anodizer it's time to Anodize. Connect the positive terminal to a Copper Bar and submerge it in the Corrosive Ichor. Once it's in suspension you can hook the Titanium to the negative charge and toss 'er in. Assuming you followed the schematic properly... *Kajsza cocks her head and examines the Anodizer.* Well let's just hope you don't electrocute yourself. Or worse, destroy the Titanium!


You will receive Earthsiege Diamond