The world has become a darkened place. Fires burn and cities crumble under the malevole
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nt fist of true evil. The denizens of Azeroth search desperately for hope and prosperity, but the future is grim. Strength and family are now all that can keep our heads above water. The House of Rine, a brotherhood of men and women with spirits as strong as their bodies, seeks to bring peace of mind to Azerothians, and the knowledge that their backs are never left undefended. Give, and you shall receive. Protect, and you shall be protected. Care, and you shall be cared for in return.

The AlchemistEdit

The teachings of The Alchemist are forbidden, or at least unacknowledged, by major religious factions. The Alchemist is no more than an individual who has reached spiritual enlightenment, and his teachings help guide his believers towards making conscious decisions. The path of The Alchemist is often referred to as "The Way."

The Old CodeEdit

A knight is sworn to valor...
His heart knows only virtue...
His blade defends the helpless...
His might upholds the weak...
His word speaks only truth...
His wrath...undoes the wicked...

The Old Code is meant to be used in particularly stressful battles to help one regain focus when it seems that all may be lost, or to remind one what they are truly fighting for.

The New CodeEdit

Under development.

OOC InfoEdit

General InfoEdit

Level of Roleplay: Medium to high.

Friendly to New Roleplayers?: We will always be willing to help improve and encourage the roleplaying of those new to it.

OOC Details: The House of Rine is a brand new, brotherhood-style roleplaying guild that is Alliance based.

Requirements: Simply be willing to roleplay and defend your fellow Knights.

IC Guild Leader: Duinmir

OOC Guild Leader: Catíana


- Initiate: New member.

WoWScrnShot 080111 213740
- Knight: Member. Also known as a Knight of the New Code.

- Trainer: This rank is for the three trainers of Duinmir: Darc, Honnete, and Somael.

- Squire: Given to Domm upon request.

- Old Code Knight: The original members of The House of Rine.

- Leader: The leader of the guild, Duinmir Karn Argonar.

- Organizer: Catiana Stahnhope, tasked with reuniting the Knights of the Old Code and finding those worthy of training to become Knights of the New Code.



To join, or for more information, send an ingame message to "Catíana". If the accent is annoying to type, feel free to send an ingame message instead to "Somael". This mail will be checked less often, but once it is checked you will be contacted by Catíana through whispers.

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