Home at last: The Rusty DaggerEdit


“The Rusty Dagger”: A home to the rogues, thieves, mercenaries and hired hands of Azeroth. May your blade cry with the blood of your enemy, and your purse remain heavy with the weight of your coin. A dilapidated and abandoned inn located in the mountains on the border of the Ghostlands is the home of this band of outcasts. In her wanderings, the rogue Terisa stumbled across this hidden gem, refurbishing it before opening it as the new home of The Lost Scions. Recently Terisa has left the ranks of the Lost Scions and returned to her previous home.


Frustrated with the direction her "Overlord" Gritzgore, as he preferred to be called, was taking the Sons of Doomhammer, the headstrong rogue Terisa broke away. In tow came the mage Eriadra, a logic-driven balance to the group interested only in evaluating the political and social environment of the war. The shaman Furchanog, an orc who had studied with Eriadra for a short time, was welcomed into the fold with open arms. Finally the tauren hunter, Istvan, joined the other three to complete the council of the guild. Having stumbled upon the dilapidated "Rusty Dagger" the month before, Terisa offered up the refurbished inn as a safe haven for the four.

With the memory of an "Overlord" still fresh in her mind, Terisa lead the group to build a new alliance, a band of undiscriminating outcasts. Her distress at a single ruling orc guided the decision to create a council, a committee to run the group. Considering themselves the descendants of the "true" Horde, the "strong" horde, the group named themselves The Lost Scions; the few remaining that have not become weak with time.

Because of the insistence of the mage Eriadra, who had continued associating with the Sons of Doomhammer, the council allowed the young mage to speak with Gritzgore. The orc and blood elf struck up an alliance between the two guilds, understanding that they were working toward the same purpose; the survival of the Horde.

OOC InformationEdit

The Lost Scions is a medium-to-heavy RP guild allied with the Sons of Doomhammer. Visit us at The Lost Scions or send an in-game message to Furchanog, or Eriadra for details.

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