"With this amulet, you may now be called a 'Reaper'. You may stand among us as a brother, as well as a friend. We shall always stand by one another, regardless of circumstances. If you can not stay true to our oath or if you ever betray your brothers or sister, I'll kill you myself." -Drakion Darksoul

Also can be refereed to as 'Dark Judgement'. These 'Reapers' as they are called, are hand picked candidates of Drakion Glenn Darksoul. The group are sworn to stand by one another like brother and sisters, to never abandon one another. They can be picked out by only a chain that may be around there neck. The chain is adorned by an amulet that is two crossed scythes.


Founded under the name "Reapers of Darksoul" (2008), Drakion set out to craft his own 'home' by taking in fellow outcasts of society and followers of the darkness. The group was small in numbers and relatively 'tight', but after a long absence of Drakion, it crumbled without his guidance and leadership. Soon after his return, he rebuild his order and renamed it "Dark Judgement", characterizing it after the duty of the Grim Reaper and his own image in society. The Reapers prospered as many familiar with the darkness, followed and joined and it would continue for about a year. After a while the prosperity would end and they were picked off one by one, internal sabotage and struggle arose faster than Drakion could handle them. The original basis of the order faded as the numbers of recruits grew, leaving Drakion to take drastic measures. He decided to take his highest ranking Reapers, the few who held onto the original values of the order, and disbanded Dark Judgement. He never officially recognized the small group he took with him, up to this day, they are a small subtle group refereed to as 'The Reapers'. Drakion still holds the values to heart and enforces them without hesitation.

The Laws or 'Oath' of The ReapersEdit

Death Reaper with his Steed by Deftonys muse

  • 1. Never betray a fellow brother or sister.
  • 2. Stand by one another.
  • 3. Never bring harm to your brothers or sisters in any form.
  • 4. "If you betray your fellow brothers and sisters, I'll kill you myself".


(There are no official ranks, it is merely the title Drakion bestowed upon himself to distinguish himself as the founder.)

Battle PoemEdit

A rare few lines may be heard to those specifically targeted by the Reapers, or one may hear one speak it to another for a variety reasons.

"The cleansing light shall not shine long - We shall call upon the forces of old."

"From the soul, spawns the Reaper, judgement so cold, the Death's Keeper."

"Shun us no more or you must endure the wrath of the Reapers galore."

"So remember who we are and tell all you see - We come with vengeance, stand before us or flee."