Charge of the Mea Va'aEdit

Hear me O Mea Va'a for we are your mother the Tidehunter and your father the Windmaster. You were born from our union and all the seas and the lands that touch them are given to you as your birthright. Carve and weave your vessels and sail with us that we may show you sights and delights that few mortals may attain. Hunt the giant threshers and the tough turtle and feast on their bounty with us. Climb the highest mountain and look your father in His Bright Eye. Let the deep arms of your mother comfort you when the lesser creatures try to do you harm. We wish you to be proud and we will not allow you to diminish. There is no greater power than the Eidols, for our reach goes beyond the world which bore you and to all the worlds there are. We shall be with you on your journeys as long as there is water and as long as there is a sky.


The Tidestalkers are a Darkspear troll clan. The Tidestalkers mainly lived upon the water, in rafts and canoes, during the exile of the Darkspears from the main Gurubashi Empire.

The word "Mea Va'a" translates in Zandali to "member of a sailing crew". The Mea Va'a family was the core family of the Tidestalker clan.

They began as fishermen and ocean hunters, fashioning their craft from pitched reeds and hollowed-out tree trunks into rafts, canoes, and catamarans; over the years they built a maritime tradition, learning the Great Map of the sky intimately and culling information from calamities such as being blown away in storms. Eventually, they mapped out the shores of the Eastern Kingdoms and some of the islands of the sea between their home continent and Kalimdor, but never attempted to go ashore--the people of those places, even the other trolls, seemed evil and menacing. During the evolution of the tribes, the Tidestalker gravitated toward and became part of the Darkspear.

When the Darkspear were driven from Stranglethorn Vale, the Tidestalker elders were among those who helped guide the tribe to deserted islands near the Maelstrom where they could live peacefully, and for a time they did.

Spiritually, the Tidestalker are closely tied to the eidols of wind and water. All children born to the bloodclan and all trolls formally married to clan members are also ritually married to the sea. They are sworn enemies of all who commit acts of piracy, seeing it as a defilement upon the sea eidols. Any who sail and don't commit piracy are given bare professional respect. The Tidestalker swear not to eat those who do not actively defile the sea. This oath also applies to Sin'dorei. The Kaldorei actively desecrated the eidols of the sea by planting Teldrassil, and so they are the heirs of special hatred among the Tidestalkers, in general.

Members of the ClanEdit

LeVeau Mea Va'a

Thaag Mea Va'a

Blivi Mea Va'a

Kehau-Lani Mea Va'a

Kalei Mea Va'a




Tidestalkers usually keep their hair in easy-to-manage braids or dreadlocks. This is both symbolic of ropes important to sailing as well as a means of keeping hair out of the way while operating a vessel.