Race: Shu'Halo / Tauren
Class: Spiritmaster
Language: Taur-ahe
Height: 184cm
Weight: 165lbs
Profession: Tanner
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 26
Eye Colour: Iridescent / Spectral faceted
Hair Colour: Dark starlight grey
Skin Color: Pearl white
Birthplace: Mulgore
Guild: N/A
Special Possessions: Father's Spirit Guide - Pandaren Monk 'Bucco'

"Run. I need the target practice!" - Tingenek

Tingenek is a young spiritmaster residing in Thunder Bluff. Many who cross her path speculate whether she can became a great spiritmaster like her father, but even Tingenek herself does not know. As the direct descendant of the enigmatic spirit-beast tribe, the Stormhoofs, Tingenek was born to be a fierce martial prodigy. She is currently on a great spiritual pilgrimage to cut her own path in the spirit world.

Pronunciation of nameEdit

Tingenek’s name is pronounced 'Tinge' (like fringe and singe) & 'Neek'. "Tinge-neek" Tingenek

Tingenek’s StoryEdit

"What's my story?" a voice from beneath a velvet hood replies in a honeyed husky rasp, "What do you gain from knowing my history?" After a moment, a pair of eyes flicker open, two liquid pools of spectral iridescent light. "Very well, I can see that you will not be swayed from your desire so easily.".....

As all Great Spirit-beast masters must, they need to carefully groom possible successors. The greatest of all Spiritmasters was my own father. He considered me his best student, a person of great strength and honourable character and he cherished and respected me for that. Times were happy as we trained together.

As I see it The trouble began with an urgent request from Tirion Fordring, my father's friend. It seemed that the Lich King had been resurrected and was destroying Azeroth. My father immediately headed out to help but when he arrived in Lordaeron, his friend Tirion was nowhere to be found. He eventually tracked down Arthas and faced him in mortal combat. Alas, Arthas is a foe not so easily beaten for his evil is not merely physical, but spiritual as well. My great father and master lost his focus for a split second and allowed Arthas's evil to slip past his defence - and he lost his soul. My father had become one of the very monsters he had spent his life defeating and began attacking Azeroth as one of Arthas's mindless zombies.

I followed my father against his wishes and witnessed everything. In despair and agony, I tried to appeal to the thing that was my former master and father, trying to get it to remember the man of virtue and honour he once was. Alas, it was no use! I knew what I would have to do, what my true father would have wanted and I defeated the zombie that wore my father's beloved face. Tears stinging my eyes, I solely carried the body back home to bury him in honour and succeed him as master of our family's spirit camp.

Unfortunately, I don’t feel ready and am scared of the unknown.

Physical TraitsEdit


Tingenek Stormhoof

- Tingenek could well be the shortest tauren ever. Standing full height at most female tauren's shoulders she is a delicate frame for her race.

- Her white fur, so white that it's luminescent, shines like a pearl.

- She is supple and soft looking with long lustrous hair which is the colour of dark silver starlight. There are traces of blossoms intertwined through the heavy mass of hair and she keeps it braided.

- Tingenek’s large iridescent eyes are a kaleidoscope of colour, fringed with the thickest lashes while her hands are unnaturally long and elegant.

- Her face is unmarked by makeup or scars but there are shimmery frost blue coloured tattooed runes running down the left side of her face from the top of her hairline to the bottom of her jaw line (could these be spirit wards?) More runes are painted on the inside of her arms from wrist to elbow, both hooves and her left hand are covered in the pattern as well.


- A thick gold band inlayed with rough cut jewels and tribal designs adorn a third of her left horn.

- She smells of a heady spice that can't quite be named but smells slightly smokey.

- Her clothing is elegant, fashioned out of velvets, floaty fabrics and soft leather. There are tribal beads stitched into the garments fabric and they give off a magical glow; a powerful ancient magic was used to forge such spells into these beads, they almost have a life of their own.

- An unusual little creature is often seen at her side, it is Bucco, her father’s spirit guide who has chosen to be her companion on her pilgrimage.

- The weapons she wields look aged and battered.

- Little 'luck' charms and other superstitious trinkets hang from fine gold threads at her neck and right wrist.

- The palm of her right hand has traces of ink with words like "Be brave", "Strength" and "Focus". Almost as if she needs to fight her fears by reminding herself with notes that she can be brave, that she has strength and she can focus.


Tingenek is usually locked in thought and won't respond right away if spoken to. She was a great speaker and very charismatic as a child, now she is always unsure as what to do and how to react and needs a moment to recall memories of her father's teachings as to how to react to things. She is usually passive on most matters. Tingenek is a kind-hearted, loyal, honest and polite Tauren who strives to see the best in others and has a strong conviction to complete whatever task she feels is her duty to perform. She often places the needs of others above her own, often considering her needs secondary, or less significant, than the needs of others.

Present DayEdit

Determine to live up to her father’s expectations Tingenek is now on a spiritual pilgrimage to learn how to control the spirit beasts around her.

There are six key spirits Tingenek must master on her pilgrimage in order to truly become the head Spiritmaster of her tribe. Each spirit harbours its own teachings and hazards.

The Six Key SpiritsEdit


((Article Information))Edit


This article briefly refers to actual characters of lore - written in Warcraft novels, manga & short stories. To give the character a place in the world of Azeroth, the lore has been mixed with fan-fiction. The article is meant to be taken very lightly and is not a source of official lore. As this is a young character her history and personality may change.

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