Biography Edit


Toralar resting against a tree in Dalaran.

Name: Toralar Mistwalker

Race: Night Elf
Gender: Female
Class: Druid ( of the Wild )
Height: 6'5'
Age: 2,304 years old

Faction: Cenarion Circle (Neutral to opposing factions, unless endangering allies or the environment.)
Guild: Aeternium
Professions: Herbalism and Alchemy (Potion Mastery)
Birthplace: Morlos'Aran

Family: Rheia Mistwalker (mother, deceased) and Oren Mistwalker (father, deceased.)


Toralar praying in the ruins of Morlos'Aran.

History Edit

Early life:

Toralar was born thousands of years after the sundering of Azeroth in what is now known as Felwood. Born in the small settlement of Morlos'Aran, Toralar was expected to follow the path of druidism from birth. Morlos'Aran was located deep within the forests of northern Kalimdor along the path to Mount Hyjal. The villagers of Morlos'Aran were varied in profession who harvested the forests bounties, and Toralar was no exception. Even the young were expected to learn how to locate and harvest fruits, nuts and medicinal herbs. Even studying under the tutelage of the local druid trainer, Toralar was having a hard time grasping the basics of druidism. Toralar was unable to accomplish what others her age could: mending wilting plants or restoring the vivid color to a flower lacking sunlight. Having later mastered plant life, the next stage was to choose an animal totem to worship. Feeling most drawn to the raw strength and power of the ursine of the woods she was surrounded by, Toralar chose the bear as her animal totem. After successfully becoming a druid of the claw, Toralar was ready for hibernation in the Emerald Dream. In the Shrine of Cenarius, now known as the "Shrine of the Deceiver", Toralar slept for two thousand years before being woken up to aid her people.


Upon waking Toralar was surprised to be in the Stormrage Barrow Dens in Moonglade. Informed of events that had transpired while she was asleep, Toralar was shocked to hear that the woods she grew up in were now known as Felwood due to the taint. Morlos'Aran was no longer a thriving village but an empty town. Satyrs in Ashenvale were found to have many settlements in the eastern part of the woods and were already encroached far to the north of Morlos'Aran. Toralar was in disbelief that her village, with it's protectors, could fall to a roving party of satyrs. She immediately set off for where the settlement once stood and upon reaching the village she saw that only pillars remained among the ruins. Flowers were strewn about the ruins in memoriam to the many who lost their lives that day, including Toralar's parents Rheia and Oren Mistwalker. Thinking it inapropriate to leave without honoring her parents lives, Toralar left the biggest and brightest flowers she could find along the borders of Ashenvale. So much had happened while she slept in the Emerald Dream: the Legion had been to "Felwood", the skull of Gul'dan had tainted the woods and the life in it, and the elves had joined an alliance with humans, dwarves and gnomes.