Faction Horde
Race Orc
Class Blademaster (Protection)
Gender Male
Guild Prophets of Vengeance
Level 80

"You're more important then you think, I've seen what may become of you. I can't let you go on not knowing the truth about who you are."

-The Agent

One time powerful member of the Burning Blade, Tos, rarely known as Tosuno, has become a valued member of the Horde, and has seen many great battles, and aided in many more great deeds. Though an irritable and brash young orc, his sense of honor and respect are unquestioned.

He has studied many cultures and as such is quite adapt with many of the hordes races. though he has a certain dislike for Blood Elves.


Name: Tosuno Blindwolf
Level: 80
Gender: Male
Race: Orc
Guild: Prophets of Vengeance
Class: Blademaster (Protection)
Title: Kor'Kron Elite
Alignment: Nuetral / Horde

  • Plate Armor
  • One Handed Axe
  • Shield

Occupation: Lieutenant General Horde Military
Location: Orgrimm's Hammer Airship
Statues: Alive and Healthy

  • Tysias (wife, deceased)
  • Aegis (Daughter, assumed deceased)



Life of WarEdit

Tysias and Aegis in Woods

Tysias and young Aegis in the forests of Lordaeron.

A veteran of the first and second wars, Tosuno was born on Dreanor 30 years before the start of the first war. He served under the banner of the Burning Blade Clan. Being at his prime, and proving to be a powerful warrior and blademaster, he was among the first to enter Azeroth, leaving his pregnant wife, Tysias, behind.

Corrupted, he continued to fight for the Burning Blade until the end of the second war, where he reunited with Tysias, and his daughter who he had not met before, due to her not being born until after his leaving to Azereoth, Aegis.

At the end of the second war, Tos saw no future serving as puppets to the Burning Legion, and reluctantly left the Burning Blade after fighting to protect his family from those who saw them as traitors. They traveling north eventually finding themselves among the Warsong clan in hiding from the human forces in Lordaeron. The family would remain with the Warsong Clan until the death of both Tysias and Aegis, at the hands of human hunters while they were wandering in the forests.

This led Tos to abandon his clan, and in his sorrow, he wondered into the wilderness, eventually ending up hiding in the Swamplands. Though a powerful warrior, his stamina could not withstand the weight of the elements, and the pain within his heart. He was eventually captured by Dwarven mercenaries, and brought to Booty bay and sold as a slave to a goblin slaver.

The New HordeEdit

Eventually he was brought over seas to Ratchet and sold again to an orc woman called Agreya, also a veteran of the previous wars. She threw him into countless gladiatorial matches in the Crimson Ring.

It then was revealed to him by an elder shaman that the Aegis, his daughter, may have survived the human killers. He faught with renewed strength and will, and eventually won his freedom after chalanging his own master, and defeating her in the ring.

After being enlisted as a soldier of the Horde, he served in again in the Warsong Clan, aiding them in their battle against the Night Elves in Ashenvale. When the gates to Outland opened, he was introduced into the ranks of the Kor'Kron. He has grown in rank since then, yet is growing more and more secluded, often choosing to be alone.

He helped establish the Horde's position in Borean Tundra, after returning again to aid the Warsong Clan. However, he left after seeing to much of Garrosh's father in the young warrior.

He tried to search for any more signs of his daughter, but years of war have had their effect. His body was beginning to show signs of his age. He knew he had one thing left: an honorable death, so that he may once again be with Tysias and Aegis in spirit.

Darker Side of FateEdit

Tos had nearly attained this goal too, were it not for an unexpected interruption. After surviving the Wrath Gate, he was sent to aid Thrall himself in the battle for Undercity. During the battle however, Tos was separated as the waves of demons and undead grew larger. He fought hard, and slaughtered many but his old body could not keep up the fight for long. When the demons began to disperse, Tos was met with a new challenge, infinite dragonflight footmen surrounded him. It seemed as though Tos would achieve his honorable death, but he was sure to go down fighting.

However, a lone figure emerged from nowhere, a powerful warrior and skilled fighter, who cut down her enemies and saved Tos’ life. Angered at the loss of his death, but also torn to honor the young female orc who had saved his life. She called herself the Agent, and led Tos away from the battle.
The Agent and Tosuno CoT

The Agent leads Tos away from the Bronze Dragonflight within the Caverns of Time.

He soon found himself lost in Undercity, only to crawl into a place between places. He did not recognize the chamber, but had the feeling he had been here before. The way back was blocked, as if it was never there. They were no longer in Undercity, instead, the pair emerged within the fabled Caverns of Time.

The Agent led Tos quietly, avoiding the Bronze Dragonflight forces they encountered. Along the way, the Agent tried to explain the situation to Tos. She told him he was to important to die, and that it was her mission to make sure he lived long enough to fulfill his destiny.

Before they could make it all the way out of the caverns, and before she could finish explaining, they were jumped by bronze drakes. They swiftly beat down the Agent, and though Tos tried, he could not save her and she was taken away.

Tos however, was knocked unconscious, only to awake in the sandy desert of Tanaris. Lost, and confused, he was even more surprised to find his body in youthful shape again, around 30 years younger. Stronger, faster, and healthy as ever, he returned to Orgrimmar and told his tale.

Now Tos seeks to uncover the mysterious behind his “destiny” and who the Agent really is.

Political/Military PowerEdit


Within the Horde, Tos is ranked as Lieutenant General, making him highly ranked even among the Kor'Kron. His duties keep him busy quite alot, and it is by his strength in battle and in tactical knowledge that have given him such a high position. He currently leads small forces fro mall races of the Horde, and even out ranks many members of other races within their own racial societies.

Argent CrusadeEdit

Highly respected by the Crusade, having aided them in securing a foothold in Icecrown, and now an active participant of the Argent Tournament. With his strength, skill and wisdom, it did not take long for him to rise quickly through the tournament ranks.

Warsong ClanEdit

Having spent a while with the Warsong clan during his days of exile with his family before they were slain, he gained much honor with the elder members. This being said, Garrosh himself used Tos in the creation of Warsong Hold. Tos' aid was a fundamental part in the Horde securing a base in Northrend. The Warsong Clan sees Tos as a high respected, full member, but Tos does not see it as such, having deserted the clan in his past.


Among his own race, Tos would be seen as an intellectual. Though not as wise as some of Orgrimmar's elder shamans and scholars, he has been around long enough to develop into an honorable and knowledgeable orc. He's made an effort to learn and adapt to other horde races cultures. He finds it easier to relate to Darkspear trolls and Thunderbluff tauren but has come to understand the ways of the undead forsaken. He mostly finds it hard to stand side by side with a group of Silvermoon elves. Still he makes an effort.

For the most part, he is an easy going guy. Don't let this fool you though, he is quick to anger when his honor is insulted, or his or any other friends life is threatened. Still, nothing can be more emotionally disturbing then when his deceased family is brought up. It's obvious he still mourns for them.


When in battle, Tos combines the brutal, raw power and strength of an orc in his prime, with the wisdom and tactical genius of an elder. Choosing to clad himself in heavy plate, he has adapted his combat style to make up for the lack of movement with a more defensive style. Shield in one hand, and either a sword or axe in the other, depending on what he has with him, he lures more agile foes in close, where he can easily over power them.

Despite his heavy plating, he still has the ability to move at great speeds, though in short burst, making ranged attackers susceptible to his blade as well. He has little resistance against magic wielders himself, but with the help of his enchanted blades and shields, he can deflect most of them.

All in all, Tos is the prime example of an orcish killing machine. A real tank on the battle field, combining years of tactical experience, with the newly found rejuvenated youth of an Orc at his physical peak.

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WC3 character info, just for the fun of it.

Tosuno Blindwolf
Race Orc
Faction Horde
Hit Points 1100
Mana none
Level 8
Gold 450
Lumber 100
Food 5
Weapon(s) Axe
Attack 44
Attack Type Hero
Range Melee
Cooldown 2
Armor Type Hero
Armor 7
Movement Speed Average