Biography Edit

General Information Edit

  • Name: Tsukiyomì (also known as Miyafuji Nightwind-Da'eriine)
  • Age: 35
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthdate: April 20
  • Birthplace: Lakeshire, Redridge Mountains
  • Home: Outskirts of Darnassus
  • Guild: Broken
  • Occupation: Warlock, Pyromancer, Apprentice Herbalist, Enchanter
  • Strengths: Loyal, Eager to learn, Strong willpower
  • Faults: Slightly reckless, introverted, highly critical of herself
  • Family: Lucile Nightwind (mother, deceased), Ronar Moonlit (father, deceased), Alexander Nightwind (elder brother, deceased), Lilandrel Da'eriine (wife, whereabouts unknown), Ryuuna Nightwind-Da'eriine (daughter)

Physical Information Edit

  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 140 lbs.
  • Skin: Slightly dark-skinned, as if she has a permanent tan
  • Hair: Red, with streaks of blonde, the length of it ends at the small of her back (formerly was shoulder-length and a solid silver in color)
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Other: Her back has many scars, though they are almost always never seen due to her choice in clothing (either her full combat gear, or her traveling clothes that cover almost all visible parts of her body). Also hidden is the pendant her brother gave to her as a child, a silver chain in which a silver leoapard head hangs from it, housing a blue and a purple gem for it's eyes.

Personality Edit

A person that will very seldom initiate conversation, Tsukiyomì is a woman that, at first glance, seems unapproachable. To those that know her well, they will tell you that she's a kind-hearted and loyal individual, despite her childhood and teenage years. Though she has a home in Teldrassil, due to the elven heritage her own mother left behind, she has no reason to be there as both her daughter and her betrothed have not been there in years. She tries to keep an optimistic outlook on the safety of her family, but she can't help but have thoughts of them meeting their untimely end. She roams the world, seeking out places where she can continue to hone her skills as a pyromancer and herbalist, as well as clues to the whereabouts of her daughter and wife.

History Edit

Childhood Edit

Tsukiyomì was the daughter of Ronar Moonlit, a minor lord under the Crown of Stormwind and Lucile Nightwind, a night elf that was well-versed in the healing arts. During her childhood, she was known as Miyafuji Nightwind, a name she still goes by from time to time. After she was born, she was infused with some form of demonic energy as part of some ritual that her father concocted to ensure that every member of his family would be proficent in some form of magic. When her pyromancer abilities started to surface at the age of six years old, she was immediately thrown into training to harness those abilities.

Lucile and her son, Alexander, did not approve of the young Miyafuji being trained so harshly at such a young age, though their complaints and concerns fell on the deaf ears of Ronar. So, her training continued as it did until the eve of Miyafuji's 12th birthday, when Miyafuji attempted a very advanced spell that ended in a near tragedy. As a result of the failure, Miyafuji was thrown into a coma-like state for nearly two months. Needless to say, Ronar was infuriated that his daughter failed so miserably, Lucile was beside herself with worry and apprehension that her child may not live, and Alexander was furious, though his anger was focused on the man that put his little sister in that state; his father.

The little silver-haired fireball, as her brother called her, made it through her ordeal, and was back to her normal self. Though relieved that she made it, Alexander was still angered at their father, due to his refusal to let up on the harshness of her training. Alexander and Ronar argued over this one issue for another year. Two weeks after Miyafuji turned 13, Alexander approached their father to inform him of his departure from their home and his intent to take the young girl with him. Ronar, afraid of losing out on the investment he put into the girl, challenged his first-born to a duel. The two men fought tooth and nail throughout the night, neither giving the other any quarter.

Miyafuji walked from her 'classroom' only to be greeted with the sight of her father and older brother fighting, the reason lost on the young girl. Lucile, when she noticed the presence of her daughter, tried to remove her from the scene, only to be struck down by a deflected spell. Alexander, once realizing what happened, abandoned the fight to attend to his mother's side, though to no avail. Ronar's spell was meant to be lethal if it hit its mark. The sight of his now-deceased mother and his grief-stricken sister only served to fuel his anger towards his father. He didn't have the opportunity to act on that anger, because as he rose to his feet to face his father again, the Moonlit family patriarch ran his sword through his own son's flesh. All Alexander could do was glare at his murderer before falling to the ground.

Ronar looked upon the fallen bodies of his son and his wife with utter disdain, though he was assured that no one would take his little girl, his investment, from him. He was assured he took care of everyone inside his own home that would oppose him on the matter. That was until he felt a large amount of residual magic course through the air to congregate on one point. The lithe frame of his 13-year-old, silver-haired daughter.

Daughter against Father Edit