• Camatha

    Camatha's Storie

    November 26, 2010 by Camatha

    Camatha Was born in the cool months of early spring in a small village near Darnassus. The eldest child of 4 sibblings Cammy as everyone called her was always exploring and getting into trouble, one day when she was 17 she was out exploring the glades when she saw smoke coming from the same direction her home was she dropped the fresh flowers she had just gathered for the dinner table, her bow and arrows ready to attack if needed, she headed toward home, As she glanced at the tiny village she gasped as she watched her home being distroyed by fire she ran to see if anyone she knew was still alive, but Nay everyone lay dead, as she aproached her own home there she saw her mother and father slatured as if they were just meer animals and not r…

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