Heella was born to a normal Dwarf family his mother and dad were traveling merchants that traveled the lands of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms one year well in Ashenvale his father Rona Bouldersmash was out selling his goods well his mother Marnae Werud stayed in the town with the night elf's that thay had come to know as friends. she was in the late stage's of pregnancy. in the month of July with his father just receiving word that the time of his child's birth was near started on his way back to Ashenvale. time was short and Marnae was ready to grant the gift of life to there child but during the birth something went sadly wrong. After giving birth to there baby she died for reason's the elf's could not see. his father Rona was nearing the end of his trip home to Astranaar when the some Horde Orc's from the lumber harvesting campaign de-sided thay wound hunt and kill the dwarf as he passed thou there land. Rona put up a valiant fight but was over come none the less and murdered for the sport of it never to see his newly born son or know of his wife's fate.

a druid elf by the name Nifrediel Iatria who was to be his god mother and was the family's closest friend took the child dwarf as her own and try'ed to raise him as best she could and gave him the name Heella Laforest meaning "healer of the forest" she tryed to teach him the ways of her people but being a Dwarf and a stubborn one at that Heella spent most of his day's running around the forest making friends with the little creachers of the land. after some years had passed Heella started to show sine's of a particular nature he would find hurt or dieing creachers and heal them with a power that seam to flow from his hart. Nifrediel being over 2 thousand year's old saw the power Heella possessed and at the age of 20 years sent him to Stormwind city to train in the path of the light by the remaining Knights of the Silver Hand. the years passed and Heella became strong and vary skilled in the way of the light after some time with the Knights of the Silver Hand he returned to the place of his birth to see his god mother only to find her grave stone. none of the elf's seam to know how or when she had died. so now Heella alone in the world went to the dwarf city of Ironforge to try and make a new home for him self but found that he could not fit in with his own people and was ridiculed for being raised by a elf he de-sided to travel the world in seek of the light and he continued to train in the way's of the Paladin and to seek out new friendships.

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