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    Paws off, bub!

    January 21, 2010 by Zandrae

    This is copied from my real blog. I felt it might be relevant to the interests of Ye Olde RP community. (Mostly posting this because I think Yan might find it interesting.)

    Long long ago in a world far far away, I used to RP. I used to RP a lot (and still do on occasion, but not as much). From the place I roleplayed I learn a lot about fairness, character development, and other good things. Some of the things I brought with me to the RP server I play on stem from my roleplay elsewhere and are concepts that would possibly be beneficial for the RP community as a whole to consider.

    IC - In Character

    OOC - Out of Character

    ICA = ICC - In Character Actions yield In Character Consequences

    In Character is when you are pretending to be your character. C…

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  • Zandrae


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