Valanya Stanislavic ( Stryker is her mercenary last name)

Val was born in Stratholme and later was raised by her mother Vanessa and her father Baron Uyrei Stanslavic ( my alt DK) in Darrow Shire. When Valanya was 20 she met Edward a baker in Stratholme and would have married him had her socialite and social climber mother dissaproved of the match and tried to get Prince Menethill's attention to marry her off. When the plague broke out 5 years later Valanya and Edward attempted to leave what is now the eastern plaguelands and evacuate to stranglethorn vale,unfortunately they both got sick and went very rapidly down hill and died in what is now Death Knell. She woke up several years later in the forest and completely disoriented and confused as for the first time in several years she had her own thoughts in her mind and was cut off from the Lich KIng. Val was later inducted to the DeathStalkers in the Undercity and rose in ranks to First Sargent untill the betrayal of Varamathras in which she left and became a mercenary for Ravenholt Manor.Val is sarcastic and at times a bit devious, she tends to like to haggle over money, specially when it comes to someone hireing her for a job.