" There is no peace, only death, there is no victory, only defeat will greet you in the end, yet we must fight on. ""

Path toward destruction Edit

Vilescourge was born as Zathe with his twin brother, Zinroth. Once known as Zathe, he grew up a holy priest spending his days within the churches of Silvermoon. From an early age he was fasinated with the scourge and shadow magics. When he was 12 years of age his parents were both killed by a small Alliance attack on Silvermoon, only his brother and himself survived out of the pity of the Alliance soldiers. After these acts he swore vengeance and betrayed the holy church and learn shadow magics. When he was 16 he joined the horde forces with his brother, to assualt Stormwind city. The night before the battle he and his brother both prayed to The Lich King for immortality and ultimate power. The next day in the batllefield they attacked Stormwind hard but were defeated, as they were escaping Stormwind his brother was shot down next to Zathe. He stood there stunned by the death of his brother when he to found death, and was shot down as well.

The promise of immortality Edit

After his death Zathe was risen as a Death Knight within the Scourge. The Lich King damned him the name Vilescourge. After gutting more Mortals then he could count, he was ordered to fight to the death with his brother, Zinroth. They both fought hard but in the end Vile bested his brother, but he was given a scar on the right side of his face. He was then given the title Scourgelord. When Arthas ordered the Death Knights to attack Lights Hope Chapel, he was one of the first Commanders assigned to go into the assualt. Then the Death Knights were bested and were forced to surrender. Then appeared Arthas and told us all that he used us to lure out Tirion. Vilescourge found only one answer to avenge his families deaths, stay within the scourge. When Arthas was defeated they fled to Icecrown. There Arthas gave him a new assignment, to join the ranks of the Ebon Blade and slowly feed Arthas there plans.

Vilescourge the damnedEdit

Now Vile is surrounded by people that would strike him down if they were to know the truth. He is still with the scourge for one reason, Power. The power to kill those that have wronged him or his loved ones. He fights the impulse to use his true power whenever he is in combat. Although most would consider him an unholy blight, he believes he is doing what he must to defeat the Alliance, even if it means fighting with the damned. He has heard rumors that a man named Zinroth has been seen around Eversong, but he doesn't believe them.

Death of a KingEdit

Ever since the death of his master, Arthas, his mood is very negative and is now prone to random shouts of anger for little or no reason. He feels like he should have been there to help his master, but he was sent away to check up on the Scourge forces in Icecrown. He now serves his new lord, Bolvar. His new task is to check on most of the Scourge forces in Azeroth.

Ultimate FateEdit

With the death of his master Arthas and the raise of his new master, Bolvar, he was called to what was left of the Scourge in Icecrown, leaving the mortal world behind. Once in Icecrown he took orders from Bolvar the new Lich King who assigned him a new Scourge task force to lead. From the beginning Vile didn't tolerate Bolvar calling him a fool and cursing his name. He had been gone from the mortal world for quite some time now. In Icecrown he was given meaningless task to fulfill with his Scourge Task Force. One day on his way to Icecrown Citedeal, he was ambushed... by his own men. Bolvar had ordered that Vile was to be executed. Vile had his own reasons for why he was to be executed, but he didn't find out. Overpowered he fell off his Scourge mount. When he got up he was surrounded with no hope of escape. When he tried to tap his powers as a Scourgelord to destroy them, he could not, he had been striped if his power over the Scourge. He fought and killed many of he's once allies but more just kept coming and he knew he couldn't take much more. When all seemed lost he felt the earth beneath him shake, knock everyone including himself to the ground. He didn't know at the time but Catacylism had hit Azeroth. With everyone confused on what had happened, he ran to his Steed and took off, escaping his judgement. Now hated by the mortal world and betrayed by the Scourge, he didn't know what he could do. He knew he couldn't stay in Northrend, for fear he might be tracked down by either the Scourge or the Argents. He knew he would never bow before the Argent fools, nor fight with the Ebon scum. He saw only one option, push forward. He returned to the mortal world with a new name, Zinthus, the name of his father.


Name: Zathe "Vilescourge" Icestrike

Race: Blood Elf

Age: 48

Gender: Male

Class: Death Knight

Occupation: ExScourgelord


• Cruel and deceptive

• Isn' t short tempered and would only break into bloodlust rages when pushed to the limit

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