General InformationEdit

Name: Vythrin Tretherian

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Birth Date: October 14

Home: Stormwind City

Organization: 7th Legion

Occupation: Batallion Commander of the 7th Legion

Hobbies: Training his fighting skills.

Magic Abilities: Minor healing.

Family: Nathent Tretherian (Distant cousin), Aedron Tretherian (Father, deceased), Ellyss Johnathan (Mother, deceased),

Physical/Personality InformationEdit

Weight: 160ish lbs.

Height: About 6 feet tall.

Hair: Brownish Black,

Eyes: Golden

Clothing: Lightbringer Battlegear

Weapons: A warhammer named "Hordecrusher"

Scars: None visible

Personality: Very commanding, smart ass, Horde hating.

Intelligence Level: Slightly Above Average

Known Languages: Common, Dwarven, some Gnomish

Goals: Wipe the Horde and Scourge off Azeroth.

Patience Level: Nonexistant

Logic/Emotion: Logic

Greatest Fear: Loosing to the Horde


Loves: Big Dick

Best Friends: Kelgarr Mithrilfist, Nathent Tretherian, Huge Dick

Friends: Dicks

Dislikes: Vagina

Hates: None

Pets: Fanghold (Horse)

Likes: Alliance, Fighting Horde, Beer, The Light, Lordaeron, The color Yellow

Dislikes: Horde, The Scourge, Dark Iron Dwarves, Lepper Gnomes


Vythrin Uldin Tretherian is a huge faggot and was born in the Capital City of Lordaeron to Aedron Tretherian and Ellyss Johnathan. Vythrin was born to a rich family. His father was a paladin serving under Danath Trollbane in the Second War, and retired after the War ended. Aedron had owned a fairly big estate in Eastern Lordaeron, and was visiting Lordaeron City upon Vythrin's birth. Vythrin had been born in the middle of the Second War. Vythrin had a fairly simple childhood, despite being able to buy whatever he had wanted. His family took him south to Ironforge once word had reached them that Ironforge was a ton more secure and protected over Lordaeron, and that would pay off eventually. Vythrin met a cousin of his at Ironforge, Nathent Tretherian, who was a half-gnome. Vythrin and Nathent were of the same age, and they grew up as childhood friends. Vythrin decided he wanted to serve the Alliance upon the sacking of Stormwind, and he begun training as a warrior in Ironforge. Upon nearly completing his basic training, he snuck into a Paladin training class and observed. He saw that Paladins are like warriors just wield the light into battle. Vythrin completed his basic training and dropped out of school, and begun training as a Paladin. He parents left him with Nathent's parents to return to Lordaeron to see how everything fairs a year before the Third War broke out. One Saturday, Vythrin was getting taught some minor engineering things by Nathent's father. Something went aray, and an explosion happened from whatever Nathent's father was making. It injured Vythrin's arm, and Nathent's father was in the hospital for a month. Vythrin continued his training as a Paladin. After completing his retribution training, Vythrin heard of the Third War breaking out, and the plague epidemic inside Lordaeron. Vythrin immediately stopped his training, and begane to travel north towards Lordaeron. Along the way, Vythrin had found a horse with what appeared to be its owner dead next to it. Vythrin took the horse as its own, and it happened to have a word engraved into his saddle. "Fanghold." Vythrin reached Lordaeron on his birthday, which turned him 16. He immediately saw a little Scourge ghoul, and killed it with some minor difficulties. He travelled to his old estate, and found his mother dead on the floor right outside the estate. Vythrin slowly went inside the estate, and found his father injured, sitting in a chair calmly. Dead undead were scattered all around him, along with a warhammer leaning on the chair. The hammer looked as it was used by Aedron. Vythrin quickly ran up to him, just to have Aedron smile and then shut his eyes. Aedron had died. Vythrin screamed in agony for his father. He grabbed the warhammer, and walked off with it. Vythrin poked his head outside the estate, and saw a massive corpse abomination walking by. At that point, Vythrin knew that the war had started. He quickly got back on Fanghold, which was luckily enough unnoticed by the abomination, and rode off to return to Ironforge and continue his training. After returning to Ironforge, Vythrin rejoined his paladin classes, and in a week was able to complete his expert training. Vythrin ran off to Stormwind to join the army right after he finished his training, and was drafted to the 7th Legion in Lordaeron. Vythrin arrived at the Capital City a few days before Arthas returned from Northrend, and he had heard of his assumed return, and then began to wait for him. As soon as Arthas had returned, Vythrin was in the Capital City observation areas, where people were tossing flowers at him, and Vythrin was observing. As soon as Arthas entered the Throne Room and the doors close, Vythrin heard a slight sound of a sword unsheathing, and Vythrin's heart dropped. He quickly ran down, got on Fanghold and went to a quiet place where he could observe. He found Arthas walking out of the Capital City, and undead around him. Vythrin quickly made Fanghold run as fast as possible, south. Along the way, Vythrin told as many people as he could find that King Terenas had been murdered by his own son, and that you need to evacuate towards Stormwind. Upon reaching Stormwind, Vythrin was given the chance to join a batallion, with immediate rank up to Lieutenant. Vythrin had joined a batallion known as the Lightbringer, which specialized in Paladin combat, wielding the light, and defending the Alliance. Vythrin was immediately assigned to search and recovery of any survivors for Lordaeron. Vythrin went with the Lightbringers batallion commander and a few other members, and tracked down survivors after Arthas have driven the entire area into dust. Vythrin had discovered a dead paladin near Andorhal. Upon further inspection, he found it to be Sage Truthbearer, a paladin who was supposed to help defend the Urn of King Terenas. It appears he was killed by Arthas, as he had a very undeathly scar running down his armor. We searched the area for any sign of other Paladins, with no luck. We took Sage back to Stormwind, and gave him a memorial in the Stormwind Graveyard. Vythrin continued to be a Lieutenant of the Lightbringers, and all throughout times where the 7th Legion was needed (Outland for example) Vythrin didn't go as he felt he was needed elseware. When the assault on the Black Temple had started, Vythrin was sent to the front lines. A few weeks after he arrived, their location was infiltrated, and the batallion commander of the Lightbringers was assassinated. Vythrin was set as the de-facto leader of the Lightbringers until his return to Azeroth. After the assault on the Black Temple, Vythrin returned to Stormwind. Halford Wyrmbane requested Vythrin to meet him as soon as possible. As soon as Vythrin met with Halford, he was promoted to Batallion Commander of the Lightbringers. Immediately afterwards, Vythrin went back to Ironforge, and met with his old mentor. His mentor told him that he needed a new weapon and set of armor. Vythrin went to the Great Forge, and requested the best gear that a paladin could use. The dwarves forged a set of armor, and a hammer, and told Vythrin to enchant it. Vythrin enchanted the hammer and armor with light, creating a set of Lightbringer gear. Vythrin went back to Stormwind, and after a day, a Scourge attack began on Stormwind. Vythrin did his best to defend, and slew a few Scourge in the process. When the Alliance began to invade Northrend, Vythrin took the second 7th Legion ship to Northrend, and was assigned to Valiance Keep. Vythrin did essentially nothing until the major assault on Icecrown Citadel began. He assigned all of his batallion soldiers to Icecrown Citadel. As soon as they arrived, VYthrin had them assault the front lines of the Scourge inside Icecrown Citadel, only to have some of them die. Vythrin called for a full retreat back to their defenses, and held up in that location until the death of Arthas, in which he had his men help secure all of Icecrown Citadel, and then brought his armies back to Stormwind City. One day, Vythrin was standing inside the Cathedral of Light, when it felt like the planet was getting ripped apart. Vythrin ran out with his weapon withdrawn, just to see a massive dragon attacking Stormwind. He quickly rallied his Lightbringers, and charged at Deathwing. Right as his men went to attack him, Deathwing took off. Vythrin knew war had come once again, and began mass recruitment for the Lightbringers. After a while, Vythrin and his batallion was assigned to Gilneas. Vythrin and his batallion were in Gilneas for the majority of the Cataclysmic events that were going on. Halford Wyrmbane then had Vythrin and his men sent to Wyrmrest Temple, and Vythrin helped with the war efforts there. After receiving word that Deathwing had fallen, Vythrin returned home to Stormwind, and took a vacation to Darnassus. After the vacation, Vythrin returned to find out that new lands had been discovered the day before, and Vythrin took the first ship he saw to the new lands, leaving behind orders for all available Lightbringers to meet up at the new lands. After a while of being in the new lands, Vythrin was called back to Stormwind to help out recruitment for the Lightbringers and 7th Legion as a whole, and to ready more ships and such for departure for the new land.

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