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Potential shower?

Name: Zylanas Spireborn

Race: Blood elf

Gender: Female

Age: old enough to know better but not old enough to know anything else

Professions: Enchantress with an enchanting gaze

Rank in Blood Knights: Master

Family: Magistrix Navire Spireborn (mother; dead-ish), Magister Vynathiel Spireborn (father; assumed dead), Vynathion Spireborn (brother; assumed dead)

Affiliated with: The Blood Knight Order; Caffeine (guild)


Zylanas has her mother's curly hair and her father's flame red color. Not often does she have anything other than her armor on and finds herself uncomfortable in a dress. Her face is serious but young as if she wears her naivety like a badge. You'll find her quite soft spoken and shy but she eases into people quickly finding a place for her wit and smile. Hobbies include wandering about with a lost look on her face and swimming. She's tried her hand at fishing which she hasn't quite mastered, finding the act of staring at a bobber maddening.

Her appetite is a small one as she tends to simply forget to eat whilest wandering. Despite her abscent-mindedness, she is quite clean, finding at least one if not more times during the day to bathe preferring secluded places with a waterfall over the bowl and a pitcher of water commonly provided at an Inn. As a result she smells of roses. She has a strong allergy to bloodthistle; breaking out into red hives and sneezing at the touch of it.

She was, until recently the fiancee of Xanderen Oroscoro, a mage. The engagement was long and the break up was abrupt so it's left her dazed. Most recently Zylanas can be found in the company of J.F. de Morangias who, in Zylanas's eyes seems to have sage advice for almost everything. Additionally, when he emerges from a tavern, Halcifer Swiftrune is also a common companion.


The birth of Zylanas Spireborn was not an event that was heralded in the city of Silvermoon, it was hardly even celebrated by her parents. The tiny red headed child was handed off to a nursemaid who cared for her until she was old enough. Neither Navire nor her husband had much contact with the girl until she was about twelve years old. Both parents worked under The Sun King and a shortly after Zylanas turned fourteen they were killed in the scourge attacks on Silvermoon. Zylanas would have gone into an orphanage had it not been for the kindness of Knight-Lord Bloodvalor who initiated her in as a Blood Knight. She attained the rank of Master and still reports to Bloodvalor on occasion.

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