Zedric the Unbound
Faction Horde
Race Troll
Class Fury Warrior
Gender Male
Guild The Whíte Oath
Level 80

Name- Zedric the Unbound

Concept- Elder Amani Berserker

Age- 46

Race- Amani (Forest Troll)

Tribe- Revantusk

Family Name- Shattertusk

Professions- Engineer, Miner, Cook

General InfoEdit

Appearance- Once a large and powerful warrior, even for an Amani, Zedric's age and long periods in isolation have left him thinner and smaller. His mossy skin is a roadmap of scars, telling more tales than the elder troll even remembers. His piercing yellow eyes are uncharacteristic of his race and form a stark contrast to his blue and white warpaint. Where visible, there is a massive spider tattooed on his chest. The legs run down his arms, transitioning into a tribal design as they reach the forearms, meshing with varied serpent tattoos there.

Family Members- Zul'ragor (father, presumed deceased), Meika (mother, presumed deceased)

Religion (Favored Deities)- Amani Voodoo (Shadra, Ula-tek)

Friends- Rajuul, Juuli, Zebgora, Sahkyo, Keiliean

Enemies- Quel'dorei, the Witherbark tribe, Gordunni Ogres

Personality- Age and experience have softened Zedric's sharp edges, slowly turning him over the years from a rash, brutal machine into a jovial, spirit-guided soul. The bloodlust is still strong beneath the skin though, and during combat this is often exposed in an unrestrained fury.

Preferred Weapon(s)- While Zedric is most comfortable with a pair of well-balanced axes, he is equally well-versed with hammers, swords, spears, and thrown weapons. He prides himself on being deadly with any object, and even while unarmed.

Hobbies- Cooking (competes in Iron Troll competitions in Zuldazar), carving (crafts small wooden idols), painting (takes great pride in rendering scenes both with detail and in the abstract)

Likes- a substantial feast, a good cigar, sleeping under the stars (preferably in that order)


Zedric had just passed his rites of adulthood when Zul'jin came to the assembled Amani tribes and called them to join the Horde under the honorable Orgrim Doomhammer. He trained as an axethrower and was part of the initial experimentations by the goblin alchemists aligned with the Horde at the time, becoming a berserker. He was dispatched to Draenor alongside Kilrogg Deadeye's Bleeding Hollow Clan, and escaped back to Azeroth with them shortly before its destruction at the hands of Ner'zhul. He had fought valiantly, but with the fall of Blackrock and the defeat of the Old Horde, he scattered to the winds, along with most of his kind.

He returned to his home to find his village destroyed and its population, including his family, long since massacred by trolls of the Witherbark tribe. Enraged, Zedric waged a bloody one-man war against the Witherbark, only to learn that they'd been used as tools by a Quel'dorei Arcanist. He devoted several years to tracking the mage, eventually hunting him down and exacting his revenge in as painful a means as he could devise.

Suddenly devoid of purpose and having no home, he became a drifter, eventually coming across a distress beacon in the Hinterlands. He rescued the strange and fascinating device (reminiscent of the devices the goblins had used in the Second War) and finally made his way through Stranglethorn and into Booty Bay. There he trained in engineering under Oglethorpe Obnoticus, joining M.E.G.A. in the process.

It was in Booty Bay that he first signed on with the R.I.S.K. Syndicate, as an enforcer bodyguard for Wizzwickit Steamshanks. Steamshanks shortly set up shop as a goods trafficker in Lordaeron, where Zedric became quickly renowned as brutal and ruthless enforcer for the organization. Ultimately, this left him empty and being so close to home again tugged at his spirit. When he heard that the orcs had revolted under the leadership of the honorable Warchief Orgrim Doomhammer and his shamanic protege, he immediately left the Syndicate and joined the new Horde as a mercenary, even as Orgrim was cut down in battle and Thrall took up his mantle.

Zedric travelled across the sea with the New Horde and fought in the Third War, battling with the Warsong in Ashenvale, and with the unified Azerothians at Hyjal. When the Legion was defeated and the Horde settled into their new lands, he devoted himself to exploring the continent of Kalimdor. It was then that rumors of the return of the Shadow Council drew Zedric back to the Valley of Trials...