" There are only two things that will never change about life, betrayal and death.""

Road to betrayalEdit

Zinroth was born with his twin brother, Zathe, in Silvermoon. He was born into a poor family with nothing to thier name. As a child both he and his brother showed great strenght in holy powers. He soon became a paladin, using the light to protect, while his brother became a priest. When he was 12 years old both his parents died in a small Alliance attack. He soon fell into a deep depression, he cried himself to night in the alleys of Silvermoon. He never understood though, why his brother never shed a tear, his face only showed a hint of anger. Then they both heard news of a Horde force heading to attack Stormwind. The night before the attack his brother approached him and told him to ask the Lich King for immortality. At first he was furious at such an idea bur soon enough his brother persuaded him. The next day during the attack as they were retreating he was shoot down, and soon his brother followed, they had both died.

In service of the damnEdit

Soon he was awakened by his brother. They had been risen up ad Death Knights in service to Arthas. He soon heard that his brother was no longer known ad Zathe, rather he was known as Vilescourge. Soon he and his brother had risen through the ranks. Then Arthas told them that to become one of his Scourge Lords they would have to duel to the death. He had always had a bit of Light still within him so at first he refused, but his brother gladly accepted the duel. At that moment he knew he had lost his brother to the Scourge. He was then forced to duel his brother. He fought hard but his brother fought much stronger, and soon overpowered him, but before he was killed Zinroth channeled all the light left in him and stroke his brother hard on the right side of his head, scarring him for life. Then right there his brother killed him, or so everyone thought.

The redeemedEdit

After his death his body was thrown out of Acherus Hold by his brother. There he should have had his final rest but the light deemed him worthy of another chance. His body was found by an Undead priest who can tell that the light was still with him. The Undead was able to revive him as a Death Knight again. Soon he joined the Ebon Blade but felt that he shouldn't be with them he felt that he still had the light within him. He then left to find the Undead that saved his life. After years of searching he finally found her in a little camp in Eversong. He begged to her to restore the light within him. She agreed but told him that of he did he would lose all his strenght and training, he would be a shell of what he once was. She then Redeemed his soul and was returned to the living world, but for sone reason his body didn't change, only his eyes stopped glowing.

Current timesEdit

He now spends his time in Eversong traveling and training. He lives with the priest and has a slight attraction to her. He spends most of his time training, but sometimes he just sits and thinks about what might have happened to his brother, Vilescourge. He doesn't hate his brother for what he did, since he thinks that he is no longer with the Scourge. He doesn't search for him bur hopes to find him one day.


Name: Zinroth " The Redeemed" Icestrike

Race: Blood elf

Age: 48

Class: Paladin

Gender: Male

Occupation: Traveler


• Doesn't trust many people

• Is honest and truthful

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